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Plate Finisher Resume

Resumes are very delicate and fragile, as mentioned on some cartons. You have to handle them with utmost care and delicacy. A slight amount of carelessness can amount to huge losses. Imagine resumes as the cartons and the glassware inside it as your job. If you do not handle the carton carefully then the glassware will shudder into pieces. A plate finisher resume should contain all the necessary credentials that can help the recruiter short list your profile.


Similarly, a resume needs to be drafted very carefully and correctly. If you miss out on some important points, then you are sure to spoil a good opportunity. Normally people miss a chance to be called for an interview due to the silly mistakes that they make in their resumes. The most important point that you have to mention in a resume is your skill sets and work experience. This is what will attract the employer the most rather than your hobbies or interest areas. So see to it that you know what the nature of your job is and you are sure that your skills are suitable for the job you would apply for.

If you like plating, you might consider to give a go at this job opportunity. It is a position in the ceramic industry and makes use of all kinds of machines, tools and processes in order to obtain a finished product. This job is given to those individuals who possess physical strength. This is mainly because the person needs to be strong and fit in order to provide high quality products.

Just like any other resume, even the one for a job like plate finisher must contain the critical sections of a basic resume: contact data, job objective, experience, education or training and references. It is best if you have already worked in this field, for it isn't quite an entry level job. Make sure to read the ad for the job carefully and point out the past responsibilities that come closest to the current one. One of the most important things in the resume is the way in which you formulate the career goal: it has to be short and simple. Feel free to use the guide below when writing your resume, but replace the fictional data with your information.

Sample Plate Finisher Resume

Contact data

Jonas Smith;
234 Central Avenue, New York, NY, 13245;
Phone number: 555 – 5555;
Citizenship: American


Seeking an interview for the plate finisher position in a reputed and esteemed company. I want to use my extensive knowledge and experience in this field to develop high quality products.


  • Detail oriented
  • Can work great individually
  • Very good near vision
  • Very skilled with the hands
  • Very steady hands
  • Ability to react fast to various signals
  • Able to follow instructions, patterns or rules in order to perfectly complete the tasks
  • Very good knowledge of the machines and the tools used in the job
  • Very good knowledge of raw materials, various processes and techniques used to maximize the production
  • Physically strong, able to lift and handle heavy items on a daily basis
Work Experience

Plate Finisher, Q & MAC INC, New York, NY state, 2009–2011

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Controlled the machines and the processes involved in finishing the plates
  • Obtained relevant information from the correct sources, information needed in the process of finishing the plates
  • Handled objects: moving them and positioning them in the correct places for operations
  • Inspected the machines to be used to make sure they function properly
  • Inspected the plates to be finished with a magnifier (before and after all the operations have been completed) for any flaws, cracks and so on
  • Decided which machines, tools and operations have to be performed
  • Reported any problems encountered
  • Performed basic troubleshooting for the machines when needed


High school diploma, ABCD school, New York, NY, 2006–2008
Training on the job at Q & MAC INC


They are available upon request.

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: November 22, 1989
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Single
  • Driver's license: B category, 2007

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