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Potter Resume

Using your hands to mold forms from soft, pliable clay is something that raises your interest? Do you enjoy experimenting with shapes and colors? Well, in this case maybe a job as a potter is what you need. Below you can find a description of the job along with a resume sample that may guide you if you decide to apply for this job.

The potter processes products of ceramics, pottery and earthenware pots and other objects, using a variety of methods. So, a potter is an artisan who creates beautiful original pieces of art from clay. He creates bowls, plates, pots, vases and other objects.


As a potter, you have to gather orders, to meet clients and to design new pieces for them. Before start working you have to get the clay ready for use. The objects have to be shaped on potter's wheel using manual labor for molding them. Clay and other specific materials are used for the production. All this activities take place in workshops and similar areas where contact with the dirty work environment with exposure to chemicals and high temperatures are all inevitable.

The utensils used include machinery and equipment, the potter's wheel, presses, ovens, dryers, etc... Although the machines have taken over much of this work today, there are still opportunities for the manufacture of handmade, traditional works of art. To have success you have to possess a qualification in the field, to have manual dexterity and esthetic sensitivity, to be creative and original and informed about new trends and new methods and technologies. You also have to spend time selling your work.

Now, regarding the resume you may want to focus on your experience, training, and readiness to accept employment. In your resume expose all your skills and make sure that you presented your capacities well, because your resume will be your passport to a new job.

Potter Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Liana Mathews
Birth date: 8.12.1983
Email: liana
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


People appreciate one-of-a-kind works of hand made art, so pottery is a great job where one can expose his talent and imagination and make beautiful pieces for his customers.


Seeking a position as a potter for proving my talent and for making great works of art


Talented, hard working, creative and dedicated to art I am eager of obtaining a job as a potter where I can have the change to expose my works of art and fulfill my desires of creating new original pieces of clay.


  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Hard worker
  • Artistic eye
  • Communicational skills
  • Specializing in practical ware (plates, dishes, bowls)
  • Good physical condition
Work Experience

Potter, Art Potter Chain, Backside, 2006 to present:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ordering materials
  • Pottering after plans
  • Making cookware for customers
  • Selling products
  • Participating in art galleries

A.A., Pottery, 2005
Backside Community College, Backside 2005


Achieved title of Best Potter of the year in 2009

Areas of interest



Adam String
Art Potter Chain, Backside

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