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Sight Effects Specialist Resume

The work of sight effects specialist has to combine both artistic qualities and the ability to understand artistic requirements of a performance or of the producing personnel, with technical abilities of using lighting and wiring equipment and obtain desired effects by assigning special duties to the electrical crew. The resume should therefore be specific about the technical abilities together with the ability of artistic comprehension. It should mention the ability to operate equipment such as stereopticon lens, lamps, electrical equipment in order to obtain special mobile or stationary effects on stage.


Sight Effects Specialist Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Joan Smith
Birth date: 24.03.1982
Address and Contact Details: 321 Don Gasper, Santa Fe, New Mexico 43255
Phone: 236.706.5954
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


Working in the theatre industry as a sight effect specialist has been my most fulfilling occupation. With the technical education to operate electrical and lighting equipment efficiently and creatively, I have had a great opportunity to use these skills and knowledge in contributing to the artistic value of theatrical performances.


I wish to continue my career in the theatre as a sight effect specialist and be able to work with important cultural figures of our community, assist them in any technical inquiry and desire related to the light effects on the stage and become more and more professional in what I do, so that I can eventually originate lighting designs for settings and artists.


I am a Sight effect specialist with experience in the theatrical field, applying for a similar position in your company.


  • Technical education and familiarity in working with lighting and mechanical equipment
  • Ability to understand artistic views and language
  • Familiarity with sigh effect operations and procedures
  • Ability to work with creative people and production staff
  • Ability to adapt technical means to artistic views
  • Ability to monitor and coordinate a crew of workers
Communicational abilities

Focused and determined

Computer knowledge:

Intermediate computer knowledge,
Familiarity in working with computerized technical devices

Work Experience:

Sight Effect Specialist, 2007-2009
Malden Theatre, NM


  • Worked with artistic and production staff and provided sight effects and lighting effects to various stage setting in accordance with their artistic view and desire
  • Worked with an electrical crew in charge with installing and operating electrical devices for obtaining special light effects, such as forests burning or ocean waves
  • Operated special equipment to obtain mobile or stationary sight effects
  • Operated lamps to project various pictures
  • Suggested technical means of obtaining the desired artistic effect
Education and Training:

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, New Mexico University


I succeeded in providing excellent technical assistance and contributing to the artistic value of many theatrical events

Areas of interest:

Culture, Theatre and art


Available if needed

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