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Television News Reporter Resume

This article revolves around the job description of the television news reporter. It presents the duties and responsibilities that come with the job and provides a sample resume as a guideline to be followed by those who want to apply for this position.

Television news reporters are journalists that research and deliver attractive and important stories to the TV public. They have the primary task of gathering information using various means and from various sources, more or less public. They interview witnesses and sources or official individuals with competence in the researched event and select information in order to obtain a written reportage that is incisive and attractive enough to appeal to the general public. Therefore, a television news reporter will spend half of his/her time gathering information from the field and witnessing live events, and the other half preparing written articles in newsrooms, that can be sustained on air.


However, in the case of television news reporters, the most common case is that of transmitting the event live, in front of a camera and using a microphone, with commentaries and interviews from other witnesses and specialists. News reporters are usually specialized on a certain type of events, and this situation provides better chances of cultivating important sources and obtaining improved information. The job implies physical endangerment, since television news reporters often find themselves near disastrous or dangerous sites, having to deal with all sorts of people, with natural elements and other situations. The resume of a television news reporter should encompass the ability to speak correctly and fluently in front of the camera, should have diction, a pleasant appearance and the capacity to perform in stressful and demanding situations and communicate with all sorts of people.

Television News Reporter Resume Sample

Armand Southerley
25 Fox Drive, Dedham, MA 02027-2563, (203) 989-76567

Personal Details

Name: Armand Southerley
Birth date: 09.09.1976
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Driver's license: Yes


My objective is to use my skills and competencies as a news reporter in a national news television channel and perform at higher and more competitive professional levels. I wish to work with experienced journalists from which I can learn and to be of use in the television team.


Journalist with experience as a television news reporter.


  • journalistic knowledge,
  • capacity to work on the field, for long hours, under stressful conditions,
  • capacity to negotiate information and costs,
  • written and verbal strong communication skills.
Computer knowledge: Windows XP, Microsoft Office, editing programs for television production

Work Experience:

Television news reporter, 2001-present
ATV Channel Company, Dedham


  • gathering information and reporting on local events
  • preparing reportages of interest to fill in blank spots in the program
  • contacting sources for new information
  • monitoring newspapers and other TV channel's reports
  • documenting on important local figures
Education and Training:

Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Dedham University

Areas of interest:

Television, journalism, mass media and social networking


Available upon request

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