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Assistant Resume

Assistants are people who provide support and help to high profile professionals who cannot single handedly manage most of the tasks assigned to them. Assistants help these professionals to utilize their time in the most effective manner and perform various jobs as directed to them. If we observe, in every field we need assistants who are responsible to share the responsibility. Be it an engineering field or nursing field, assistants are required everywhere. Assistant resumes should highlight the willingness of candidates to assist people in any given profile.


The resume of an assistant is not very different to write. It follows all the basic rules and key points which are necessary in writing an effective resume. Although for certain profiles and fields such as assistants for lawyers or accountants, the candidate need to possess the said skill sets, in most other profiles it is just a learning process and candidates acquire all the skills while on the job.

For drafting an effective assistant resume one need to make sure that their skills sets match with the job requirement. Applicants need to perform a thorough research of the requirements of the job, to draft a resume in the most impressive manner. There are various steps and points to be considered while drafting a resume for this profile. Let us have a look at these key areas one by one.

  • Name and personal details

    Write your full name and personal details like date of birth, e mail, phone number (with area code) and address with pin code. Write the details without mistakes.

  • Career objective

    Be very clear in writing your career objective. Avoid long sentences and do not do a word game while writing about your objectives. The objectives can be specific as well as general. For example a specific objective would be, "Seeking a position as an assistant engineer in XYZ Company." An example of general career objectives is, "A position that will utilize my knowledge for the growth of the company." The career objective gives the recruiter a clear picture of your potential.

    The career objective gives the recruiter a clear picture of your potential.

  • Key skills

    This is the next section of the resume in which you are supposed to mention the key skills you possess. Mention them in bullet points. Avoid paragraphs writing. Do not exaggerate or underestimate your qualities. Some examples of key skills that can be mentioned in an assistant resume are:

    • Good in oral and written communication
    • Enthusiastic
    • Fast learner
  • Educational Background

    Write a brief account of your educational qualifications in this section. Mention the year, name of the school/college/institute, course attended and year of passing. If you had opted for special subjects, mention the subjects also under the headings of 'subjects studied'.

  • Professional experience

    Go anti chronologically and mention the name of the company, the duration you worked with the company and the designation you had in that company. Mention the job responsibilities also. Following is an example that shows how to list your professional experience with the job responsibilities undertaken.

    Organization: ABC Company (Jun 2010-Dec 2010)
    Designation: Junior Assistant

    Job responsibilities

    • Assisted senior engineer in implicating plans
    • Trained new employees
    • Designed modules

  • Areas of interest

    In this field, mention the areas you are interested in. Avoid putting extra information. Mention the hobbies or interests that are in connection to your job profile. Do not lie.

  • References We suggest you to mention at least two references in your resume. Write the full name of the person, current designation, address, e mail and contact number. Be very sure that the names of the people you are providing, know you personally. They may be contacted to judge your authenticity.

Your resume will create your first impression on your employer. Be true and clear while writing your resume. We hope that by following the above stated guidelines, you will be able to impress your recruiter and achieve your dream job.

Following are the assistant sample resumes:

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