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Assistant Director Resume

An assistant director is the person helping the filmmaker shoot a television show or a film. He or she plays an essential role in television production, theater or film production. The range of duties is wide, both during and before filming. The overall job of an assistant director is to ensure that the director can completely focus on the creative process. Being a helper to the director can mean that you will learn what to do and what to avoid while directing. If you gather enough experience, you might eventually work your way up to becoming the director of a film.


An ideal candidate must be a very organized person and must be resistant to stressful situations. Most assistant directors have already had an experience on a filming location or set, starting out as runners or production assistants and working their way up. Besides experience, no specific degrees or qualifications are required. If you've been thinking about starting a career in the movie industry, you should take a look at how a resume for the position of an assistant director should look like.

Assistant Director Resume Sample

Julia Robinson
46 Monroe Street
California, USA.
Ph: 456-012-345-000

Personal Details

Name: Julia Robinson
Birth Date; 14 July 1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the biggest and greatest opportunity to work for a reputed company as an assistant director and to prove that an experienced and very organized person like me can make a difference for any production set.


  • Master's degree in Film Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles in the year 2006
  • Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles in the year 2004
  • Experience with helping the director in casting, producing and distributing films
  • Ability to schedule, wrap up sequences prior to editing and oversee film shoots
  • The ability to supervise the performance of an assigned staff
  • Strong knowledge in the area of film arts
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Good computer knowledge with programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, the Internet
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • No problems with meeting timelines and schedules.
  • Able to work under pressure or independently
Work Experience

2008-2009: Assistant director for the film "Spectacular", directed by Adam Filbert and produced by the Transstar Company located in Los Angeles, California

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Scheduling
  • Overseeing film shoot
  • Ensuring that the storyboard is finished
  • Wrapping up sequences before they went to the editing department
  • Checking if the necessary equipment is available
2006-2007: Assistant Director for a TV production called "Enter", for the television network Sky.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Handling extras
  • Handling crews to stay on track and follow the schedule
  • Overseeing the transportation department, the props, the extras, the make up
2006: Production assistant TV production called "Enter", for the television network Sky.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Running audio boards
  • Scrolling teleprompter machines
  • Operating the camera
  • Assisting with set lighting
  • Moving equipment
  • Good working capacity
  • Helping many directors fulfill their vision
  • Participating in important television and film moments
Areas of interest
  • Film Arts
  • Directing
  • Filming technology
  • Theater
  • Acting and screen writing

Available upon request.

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