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Library Technical Assistant Resume

In order to be able to occupy the position of library technical assistant, the incumbent needs to highlight in his or her resume, the familiarity in working with library procedures and techniques and the ability to manage support tasks under the supervision of a librarian.


A library technical assistant is a paraprofessional that helps librarians in their daily activity. Their main responsibility is collaborating with the library staff and the library users for improving library services and developing the library potential. Working under the supervision of a librarian, they don't need special education in the field. Usually, on-the-job training is sufficient, and, therefore, library technical assistants with some work experience have more chances of being employed.

Library technical assistants can work in small libraries and perform a range of duties, or in large libraries and specialize in certain library activities. Whatever the case, library technical assistants need to know how to manage library material to organize, prepare and even acquire materials and introduce them in special databases. They need to be able to direct the users in locating resources and utilize physical and electronic catalogues. As libraries become more evolved and incorporate modern technology, library technical assistants have to be able to work with computerized systems.

The resume of a library technical assistant is a classic form resume that includes knowledge and education, skills and experience related to the field in which the incumbent wants to work - in this case, library professions.

Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Jennifer Doe
Birth date: 01.06.1973
Address and Contact Details: 12 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, WA 87365
Tel: 567.292.4321
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


I wish to continue my work as a library technical assistant in a larger library that can offer me more complex challenges in my daily activity. I want to use my skills and knowledge in the field to be of help for people looking for research material.


I am a library technical assistant with work experience in the field, looking for a position in a competitive and highly developed library.


  • ability to manage information and library materials
  • ability to catalogue library materials using cards and to insert information in electronic databases
  • ability to understand library procedures and assist public users in locating materials
  • organizational, interpersonal, communicational skills
  • administrative and technical skills

Computer knowledge:

  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office
  • Web-browsing
  • Database management

Work Experience:

Library Technical Assistant, 1995-2010

  • acquiring, preparing and organizing library materials
  • cataloguing library materials
  • providing information and direction for library users
  • contributing to the library program administration
  • monitoring library assistants

Education and Training:

Associate of Applied Sciences in Library and Information Technology Certification
Bachelor's Degree in Literature, North Bellingham University


The work of library technical assistant has proved to be very satisfactory for me at a personal level, giving me the opportunity to work in a desirable environment

Areas of interest:
literature, culture, music, theatre

available upon request

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