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Playroom Attendant Resume

Children need to be constantly supervised in order to avoid any unfortunate accidents from happening. That is why most parents seek professional assistance when they cannot look after their children on their own.


The playroom attendant is such a professional who dedicates his/her time to monitoring children. He/ she is usually a well trained person, who watches over the children and participates in their activities, in a special room called the playroom, as the small ones' parents are busy doing something else. More and more institutions and stores have included a playroom within their structure.

The playroom attendant will supervise the children, and will make sure that they do not hurt themselves or one other. Then, he or she will organize various activities and games for the children to play while their parents are away. He/ she will involve them in fun, attractive games and will use colorful and vivid materials, in order to make them forget that their parents are missing.

For all these, he/ she will need to be a very playful and creative person, with very good communication and presentation skills and very tactful with children. Patience and responsibility are other essential traits of a playroom attendant. It is not necessary to have particular qualifications, but you do have to prove that you are capable of taking care of children. If you think that you match these criteria, then start making your resume right away. Here is how you should do that.

Playroom Attendant Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Victoria Adams
Birth date: 1.04.1980
Address and contact details: 74 Garden Square, London
Marital status: Married
Children: Three children
Driver's license: Yes


To become a playroom attendant within your company, and, therefore, to have the possibility to use my experience and my skills so as to ensure your costumers that their children are happy and safe while they are away.


Ingenious and creative, very proficient with children, I think that I can entertain them, so as not to feel the absence of their parents.

Qualities and skills:

  • Very imaginative and inventive
  • Patient and understanding
  • Very good communication skills
  • Proficient with children
Other skills:

Foreign languages:
French- excellent,
German- intermediate

Work experience:

Playroom attendant's assistant,
The New Bay Company,
London, 2009-2011

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist the playroom attendant in all his activities
  • Prepare the necessary materials and games
  • Watch over the children's safety
  • Discuss with parents when certain problems occur
  • Informed the parents about the activities performed
Education: The Pedagogic High School, London, 2005-2009


Great results in working with children
Great results in communicating with their parents

Areas of interest:

Children's psychology


Mrs. Elena Stew,
The New Bay Company, London,
Chief of Staff.

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