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Research Assistant Resume

Research assistants are employees of a university or a research institution in charge of assisting the primary research staff in their daily activities. They generally have to deploy clerical, administrative and support tasks and do not have a significant role in the outcome of research projects. The research assistant resume should underline the educational background, the familiarity with the research field and the ability to use computerized technology and process research data and information. You should mention your work experience, as researchers give a lot of importance to work experiences, projects, fellowships, etc. Sometimes it is expected from them to contribute in the substance of the research, the most common responsibilities are as follows:


  • Preparing and operating databases with filed material
  • Reading and editing research documents
  • Gathering field information and collaborating with relevant professionals that can contribute with their work in the researched area
  • Managing paperwork
  • Making charts and graphics, diagrams and fact sheets, and reports and summaries

Research assistants also contribute in the development of survey methodologies and take field questionnaires when needed, study potentially useful materials for the research and proofread reports and research written material. Research assistants are responsible for keeping track of the resources and supplies needed in the research laboratories. They have to use computers to perform data entry and statistical analysis, process information and convert data. Being available to help the supervisor or principle investigator in his or her activities is essential. Design your research assistant resume in an easy-to-read fashion, such that your employers will find it appealing as well as trouble-free to read. Ensure that the resume is free of any mistakes like spelling, grammatical, typographical, etc. Use of action words and active voice is optimum for resume writing. Resume: Real, Effective, Simple, Understandable, and Efficient. So, do not clutter your resume with unwanted information.

Always enclose your resume with a cover letter. Do not use slang and jargon in the resume. It is a professional document and therefore should be constructed well. Your resume is the crux when being invited for an interview. Therefore, your resume should not only be impressive, but be constructed in the best possible way to highlight key credentials, as your employers will be receiving many resumes. To know more about the layout of the resume, click here.

Sample Research Assistant Resume

Personal Details

Name: Michael Smith
Address: 1001 Clinton Street
Lockport, IL 60441, USA
Phone: (312) 201 4355
Date: November 10, 2011

Other personal details

Birth date: 1 6/1973
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes


To develop my career further as a research assistant and to continue to work in the pharmaceutical industry and offer my support to researchers that work on important medical projects.

Skills and Competencies

  • Familiarity with the pharmaceutical field and the research procedures
  • Dexterity with research documents, database, charts, graphics, sheets and various paperwork
  • Communicational and interpersonal skills
  • Advanced computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of human behavior and psychology
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work with database software
  • Ability to process information using various applications

Work Experience

Research Assistant, 1995–Present
Various Pharmaceutical Projects


  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Preparing and manipulating databases
  • Screening subjects for medical trials
  • Supporting the supervisor in daily activities
  • Proofreading written research materials

Education and Training

High school diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dakota high school, North Dakota
Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of North Illinois
Extensive certification course in database management system


As a research assistant in the pharmaceutical field, I have contributed to creating a dynamic and efficient work environment for the research team and helped the research process.
Member of American association of Research Assistants

Areas of interest

Adventure sports


Mrs. Tina Sutherland
Director of the Research and Development Department
A & D Pharmaceutical Company

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