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Teaching Assistant Resume

The teaching assistants provide administrative and educational support for professors and teachers and participate in the learning process along with children and students. They participate in the preparation and delivery of lectures and organize contextual laboratory or on fieldwork. They help children and students learn more effectively and surpass their understanding problems, but also assist them in the preparation for tests and exams. They provide additional learning material for students in need and focus on individual needs rather than group needs which are addressed by the teacher in the classroom. For lower educational levels, teacher assistants might also have to take care of the children in their cafeteria, schoolyard or on field activities.


They need to promote good behavior and human values constantly, whether it is in the learning process per se or in the recreational time. Teacher assistant have the important task of helping students better assimilate the knowledge and values they learn during courses and classes and apply them in their everyday life. Some administrative tasks might fall under the responsibility of teaching assistants, such as managing paperwork, recording grades, maintaining equipment and participating in school administration. The resume of a teacher assistant should underline the necessary skills that can qualify them for supporting students in the learning process. In addition, previous experience and/or special training programs are an advantage.

Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Timothy Keller
Birth date: 07.07.1973
Address and Contact Details: 156 Cherry St, New Canaan, CT 06840, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


To seek a position in your team of professional teachers as a teaching assistant and support teachers that are working with young children. My experience is significant enough in providing me the necessary tools and methods to best meet the responsibilities of my job.


Teaching assistant, specialized in early childhood education, with experience in working with children with disabilities, I wish to occupy the same position in a high-profile school that can offer me the opportunity to develop my teaching and supporting skills and contribute to the education of my community.


Excellent skills of verbal and written communication, knowledge in diverse subjects of matter and ability to address understanding complexities, ability to present, analyze, solve the curriculum content, good with children, patient, sociable, optimist, team player.

Computer knowledge:

Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux

Work Experience:

Teaching assistant, 1995-present
Einstein Public School, Connecticut


In charge of assisting the teacher in all the lecture preparations, evaluations, monitoring of the learning process and laboratory work. In charge of helping the students better address their learning process and improve their knowledge while developing at a social, personal, educational and ethical level.

Education and Training:

Master's in Pedagogical Sciences, Connecticut University
Bachelor's Degree in Social Assistance, Connecticut University


I have achieved good results with several generations of students, motivated them in the process of learning on a long-term and improved the overall learning environment of the school

Areas of interest:

Education, mathematics, literature, sciences, arts, children, play activities


Mrs. Susan Saranton, Primary School Teacher, Einstein Public School, Connecticut

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