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Veterinary Assistant Resume

Veterinary assistants have to examine the health of small domestic animals (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc...) or of large animals (horses, cows, pigs) and to diagnose certain diseases, or to assist the veterinarians during their examinations. They also assist the veterinarian during surgical operations and help him fix bones, putting splints, performing minor medical procedures; their tasks also include: to vaccinate animals against different diseases; to oversee animal fertilization; to help giving birth in case of large animals (cows, mares etc..). The assistant is the specialist who has to perform activities to ensure proper functioning of a veterinary office (administration, control drugs and other medical materials, the instruments and medical equipment, etc...).


If the veterinary assistant works in rural areas, he will be mostly involved in taking care of farm animals. In urban areas, however, it only takes care of pets. A veterinary assistant may take care of exotic animals, such as those in zoos. In this case, they have to prepare the environment for each individual species, help in the preparation of food and liquids, clean animal cages, yards and paddocks, ensure distribution of medicines, monitor the health of animals and report any possible symptoms of illness, care for sick animals, administer them treatments and medicines, monitor the health and development of new-born and give them special care.

In order to do all these things mentioned above one has to be licensed as a veterinary technician, because otherwise you will have to limit yourself from doing front office work.

If you have completed a veterinary school and you like animals maybe all you have to do is to complete a resume and apply for a job. In your resume make sure that you mentioned your education and previous experience, your skills that make you good at manual labor, your physical condition and any other useful information.

Veterinary Assistant Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Amy Johnson
Birth date: 22.09.1984
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Veterinary assistants are responsible for providing support to the veterinary technician. They do various duties according to their training such as feeding and exercising the animals, taking care of animals, but mostly they are responsible for the clerical work. They also maintain and stock the medicines and supplies.


To get a position as an assistant veterinary


Well trained with great knowledge and enthusiastic with four years experience assisting, licensed in monitoring the health of animals, providing care and treatment to sick and injured animals and preparing animals for veterinary surgery I want to work as a veterinary assistant


  • Experience in taking care of animals
  • Great knowledge of animal behavior
  • Time management skills
  • Strong affection for animals
Work Experience

Veterinary assistant, Happy Pets, Big City 2006-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Feeding the animals
  • Monitoring the health of the animals
  • Providing treatment and care for animals
  • Performing laboratory tests
  • Making inventory of medications, order drugs and treatment supplies
  • Doing other duties as assigned

Associate Degree in Veterinary Science, University of Big City, 2002


Helped veterinary
Improved knowledge about animals' care

Areas of interest

Animals 'care


John Dawn
Happy Pets

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