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Writing Assistant Resume

Writing assistant jobs are available in the entertainment industry such as movies, TV, Internet or in more "classical" environments such as the publishing industry, newspapers, literature, magazines. Independent writers can also hire writing assistant that can do anything from research work and creative support to answering phones and managing personal tasks. Most usually writing assistants are hired by screenwriters and work in the entertainment industry. The job is often used as a way to access the entertainment industry and familiarize with different procedures that can help boost a personal writing career in the field.


Writing assistants must be creative and talented. In the best cases, they have to support the writer in its creative endeavor and be able to conduct research on different real or fictional themes. They have to organize documents, materials and other writing resources and evaluate different writing materials, of the writer itself or of other professionals that are looking for this writers advice and feedback. They have to do basic office work: answer phones, deliver messages, make appointments, manage elementary professional tasks. Helping the writer proofread and make the page layout for the manuscript is another important responsibility. The resume of writing assistant needs to strongly emphasize the inclination towards the artistic world and a real talent or calling in the writing field published materials or related activities should be mentioned. The educational background is in most of the cases irrelevant.

Writing Assistant Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Tim Minogue
Birth date: 16.05.1978
Address and Contact Details: 156 Cherry St, New York, NY 06840, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


I have been working as a high school literature teacher for the last past years and in the process of reorienting my career as a writing assistant. I have been working at several written pieces of my own, but I would appreciate having the insight in the writing world that working for a professional writer could offer me.


My aim is to offer my support in your company's endeavors related to creative writing. My vocation and skills are multilateral enough to be able to work in different environments, such as TV, magazines, newspapers or individual writers.


Literature teacher in search of a writing assistant career opportunity, talented and motivated to work in a dynamic environment that can offer me the chance to exercise my skills.

Skills/Competencies: writing skills, inclination for fictional research, verbal communication skills, active listener, organized, sociable, culture oriented.

Computer knowledge: Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux

Work Experience:

Literature Teacher, 2000-present
Erasmus Public School, New York


In charge of preparing and delivering lectures on English and foreign literature, monitoring and evaluating the classroom activity and orienting talented children towards writing experiences.

Education and Training:

Master's in English Literature, New York University
Bachelor's Degree English Literature, New York University


Have published different fictional and non-fictional materials in local magazines and newspapers and have participated at many literature related round-tables and conferences.

Areas of interest: literature, writing, arts, culture, civilizations, languages

References: Mrs. Kim Boxton, Director of Erasmus Public School, New York

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