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Banking Resume

The banking sector has numerous job opportunities. For banking job, the employer needs a well educated, sincere, disciplined candidate with a recommended experience in banking sector. Those interested in pursuing a career in banking sector need to draft a well-written professional resume. It is essential to include keywords related to banking field in your banking resumes.


The recruiter glances through your resume in few minutes. Hence, mentioning these keywords help to improve your chances of getting selected. Banking resumes must highlight details like your professional experience, education details, financial skills, customer service skills, and achievements.

Steps to write banking resume are as follows:

Contact Information:
Include the following information in the contact details:

  • Your first and last name
  • Correspondence postal address
  • Contact number
  • Professional email address
  • Mention your professional email-id; avoid mentioning an unprofessional email-id in your resume. If you don't have one, then create one before mentioning it in your resume.

Professional Experience:

Since employers prefer candidates with work experience. It is essential that you mention your work experience before your education details. Work experience needs to be mentioned in reverse chronological order. Start with the recent work experience in banking or finance related field, followed by rest. Those who do not have work experience related to banking field need to highlight those features of their previous jobs that are related to the banking field. Mention details like your designation in the previous organization, duration you worked in the organization, name of the previous organization, your roles and responsibilities in the organization. List the roles and responsibilities, so that they can be easily read by the employer. Mention your experience in strategic management, tracking and keeping financial records.

Education Details:

List your education details in reverse chronological order. Your education details must include the course name, name of the college, the year of passing and your achievements during the academic years. Candidates who are awaiting their results must mention it in their resume. Those without much work experience can list their academic and extracurricular achievements during the particular year. You can use bullet points to list your education details.

Banking Training:

Mention the banking related training you have attended. Mention the details of the customer service training, business training, organizational behavior training, accounting classes you have attended. Today computer has become an integral part of the banking system, so mention the details of computer training as well. Mention your proficiency level of using various banking or finance related software.


List your achievements in the previous organizations. Provide the facts and figure, do not mention generic statements. If you have received any award for good customer service, then mention it in your resume. If you were awarded the best employee of the year or best performing employee of the year award, then mention it in your resume. To grab the employer's attention, mention keywords such as foster, recover, stimulate, expedite, validate, conduct, etc.


Include references in your resume. Provide the contact details of your manager or the person you reported to in the previous companies you worked for. Mention their designation, company address, email-id and contact number.

There are various banking resumes on this site that you can be used for reference. You can use them to highlight the appropriate features in your resume. The recruiters in the banking sectors are looking for sincere candidates. Hence do not mention any false information in your resume. Your data will be cross verified and may lead to rejection. Avoid using short forms in your resume. If it is essential to use short form, then first mention it along with its full form and later repeat it in your resume.

Banking resumes must place emphasis on your professional experience, banking skills, communication skills, specialized banking-related training and achievements. Those who do not have banking experience can highlight those features of their previous jobs that are related to banking field. Mention that you maintained office accounts, generated daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. You can even mention your experience of working in professional work environment during your internship. Use professional font style and the font size must be readable. Proof read the resume to make it error free.

Following are the banking sample resumes:

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