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Banking Resume Sample

Banking is a flourishing industry and there are several job opportunities in this industry. The volatile situation of the banking industry has not affected the employment scenario in banking. The salary and wages of employees have increased by 8% according to a recent survey. There are various job profiles in the banking industry, divided into occupations such as office and administrative support, management, business, financial, customer service and technical. To apply for any job in this industry you are expected to send a smartly written resume. We have provided a banking resume sample that will ease your process of resume drafting. You may also want to look at another resume sample by clicking here.
The banking resume sample is as follows:


Banking Resume Sample

Personal Details:
Name: Richard C. Mitchell
Address: 427 Limer Street
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone No: 706-438-5041

Job Objective:
To work in a demanding job profile of a teller in a commercial bank, where I can utilize the skills gained through the previous banking job.

Work Experience:
Teller, Alpha Bank, July 2007 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Accurately process all the financial transactions
  • Communicate with the customers, solve their queries and assist them
  • Handling deposits made by customers and managing withdrawals
  • Selling travel checks, en-cashing checks
  • Collecting utility bill and loan payments
  • Explaining and selling new banking services to the customers

Education Details:

Bachelor of Commerce, Williams College, GA, 2010


  • Listed in the dean's list for two consecutive years 2009 and 2010
  • Received the best student award for excellent academic performance
  • Lead the basket ball team for intercollegiate basketball competition


  • Good interpersonal abilities
  • Through knowledge of financial transactions conducted in banks
  • Knowledge of customer service etiquettes


AIB Bank Teller Certification, 2010

Course details:

  • Completed the certification course conducted by American Institute of Banking
  • Successfully cleared the Teller certification exam, which covers topics such as ethics, banking procedures, sales and services, and operations

Extra Activities:

Painting: Participated in state level still life painting competitions Community Service: Work with a local NGO to teach unprivileged children


Aaron R. Martin
Alpha Bank
4261 Wyatt Street
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone No: 706-438-4561

Michael G. Larson
Alpha Bank
4261 Wyatt Street
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone No: 706-438-4125

The banking resume sample provided above is an example of resume for teller job. It is essential that when you are drafting your resume, you should mention your contact details at top of the resume, so that the employer finds these details easily to contact you. The job objective section should be crisp and it should be limited to 2 to 3 sentences. It should clearly state the job profile you wish to apply for. The human resource department receives several applications and they need to understand the job profile you are applying for, just by glancing through your resume. As there are several candidates applying for jobs in banks, it is essential to highlight work experience, education details and certification details. Candidates with specialized certification should mention and highlight it in their resume.

As you are applying for job in banking field, it is important to send an appropriately drafted professional banking resume. Before you start drafting your resume, generate a list of points you wish to include in your resume. It will help you to draft easily your resume and include all the points you wish to mention in your resume. The banking resume sample provided above is drafted considering the points that need to be highlighted in a resume, when you are applying for job in this field. Make sure you print your resume on a good quality paper. It is essential that you send a neat and clean copy of your resume to the recruiter.

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