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Credit Authorizer Resume

Taking up this job involves great responsibility and before pronouncing himself in this matter the credit authorizer has to: receive applications, identifying risk factors, prepare credit cards or charge account plates, notice problems with a credit application, verify the information. Also, the credit authorizer is keeping a record of the customers' charges and payments; in some cases, he will email charge statements to customers and will prepare credit cards or charge account plates.


Developing a career in the banking domain means working for banks, credit management companies or service companies whose main activity is to evaluate the credit of consumers.

If you are interested in obtaining a job as credit authorizer we will also inform you about some requirements which you should include in your resume, because they are wanted by almost all the employers: qualifications, first of all, are imperative in a domain like this; then good observational skills and great attention are needed in order to be able to catch problems with a credit application, if these exist. It is a job where you may be penalized and held responsible for approving credits to individuals considered of high risk, or of giving credit to persons using false identity or offering false information.

Credit Authorizer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Daniel Derek
Birth date: 14.12.1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The job of a credit authorizer is stressful because of the assumed responsibility of granting credits. But for the ones who are fascinated about this activity field, it may be a challenging job.


To become a credit authorizer and to use my previous experience and knowledge with the purpose of obtaining good results for the company I work for; to stand out through the excellent results obtained at work.

Summary Experienced and trained worker in offering credits based on predetermined standards, I am willing and interested in developing more my knowledge; I am available for starting work immediately


  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures
  • Knowledge of economic and accounting principles
  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
  • Hard working
  • Organized, trustful, self-conscious
  • Responsible, hard working
  • Good mathematician
Work Experience

Credit authorizer,
International Bank, San Francisco, 2005-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Authorizing credit
  • Verifying the information and the documents' validity
  • Preparing credit cards and charging account plates
  • Keeping record of the customers' charges and payments
  • Emailing charge statement to customers
  • Developing working relationships with all the clients
Credit authorizer assistant,
International Bank, San Francisco, 2003-2005

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting the credit authorizer
  • Preparing credit cards
  • Sending mail charge statement to customers at the credit authorizer's request
  • Keeping records of the customers' charges and payments
  • Performed other duties as assigned by the credit authorizer

Associate Degree in Finance Diploma,
San Francisco University, 2003


  • Obtained good results
  • Solved all problems in a short time
Areas of interest

Finance and banking


Antoine Vince
International Bank, San Francisco

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