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Manicurist Resume

A manicurist is a professional nail technician who works with clients to enhance the appearance of nails. The manicurist's duty involves giving manicures and pedicures. Among this, a manicurist can apply acrylic or gel nails or can repair damaged nails. A manicurist has to be detail oriented and needs to help clients to have healthy nails.


One of the most important duties of a manicurist refers to maintaining a clean work space. The manicurist disinfects the manicure equipment: nail and cuticle clippers, brushes for acrylic nails. This is necessary to reduce the risk of infections, so a manicurist must sanitize pedicure tubs between clients, to reduce the risk of contamination. Manicurists can work either as employees of a beauty salon or as independent contractors. Beyond the beauty techniques, a manicurist can also be responsible for scheduling appointments and performing bookkeeping.

While writing a manicurist resume, after mentioning the contact information and the objective statement, the next sections you have to focus on are skills, working experience and qualifications. In the abilities section, you can list the skills you have gained after working as a manicurist. For example: ability to provide great customer service or ability to apply many designs for nails.

In the working experience section, mention your previous jobs as well as the positions that you have held from the last job to the current ones. Describe what were your main duties and responsibilities. Mention duties like polishing and decorating nails, cleaning and shaping nails or keeping your working area clean. The final section of your Manicurist Resume has to be about your qualifications. There are no strict rules on how to practice this job, but the best thing is to have a Nail tech qualification or a specific Manicurists qualification.

Manicurist Resume Sample

Jane Rollins
59 Main Street

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 18.09.1985


A manicurist is the person who takes care of the client's nail on both hands and feet and helps them have clean and healthy nails.


I seek for a challenging position as a Manicurist in an organization where I can use my skills and experience in nail art


Talented, creative and detail oriented with 5 years experience in nail art technology and services.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Dedicated to providing great customer service to clients
  • Great knowledge on applying many designs for nails
  • A strong knowledge base in nail art technology and services
  • Ability to develop cooperative working relationships with customers
Career History

Manicurist, Yossi Salon and Spa, Florida, 2007-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Polished and decorated nails of various customers
  • Cleaned the tools and the working area between clients
  • Roughened surfaces of nails with the abrasive wheel
  • Shaping and smoothing nails with scissors and emery boards
  • Selling nail care products to customers
Manicurist, Eliana massage & spa, 2005-2007

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Advising clients on nail care, use of nail products and colors
  • Assessing the clients' hands, removing dead skin from their hands and massage their hands
  • Softening nail cuticles with hot water and nail care oil
  • Polished and decorated nails of clients
  • Cleaned the tools and the working area between clients
  • Manicurist/Nail Tech Boca Beauty Academy
  • Licensed with the Florida State Board of Cosmetology
Areas of Interest

Nail Care


References available upon request

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