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Avoiding Unemployment in an Uncertain Time

In the current economical situation, many people fear of being laid off or dismissed from job. The following question appears: is there something to do in order to avoid unemployment in an uncertain time? Avoiding unemployment in an uncertain time depends on the company but also on the applicant's efforts. For example: if the company doesn't have enough money to afloat, it doesn't matter how good and valuable the employee is, to avoid bankruptcy will definitely cut off costs by firing people. Another example can refer to the candidate's efforts of avoiding unemployment; if the company is doing fine and is tight on funds; the employee definitely needs to show the company how valuable is he.


To avoid unemployment in the current economical situation, the applicant first has to be positive about the projects and the work that he is responsible for. By being enthusiastic about their work, the candidate shows the employer that they are dedicated to the company and their main concern is the company's welfare and success. The employer will then feel that the candidate really deserves the position and can be an asset to the company.

Sometimes in a bad economy, companies can ask some employees to supervise some areas or departments above their responsibilities. Employees who do this are often not paid for their extra efforts and tasks. Some might think that more work for the same money is harsh, but they have to remember they have a job in an uncertain time so these extra efforts are the path to a long-term job and a possible promotion. In the mean time, they can show the employers that if given an opportunity they can handle multiple tasks other than their regular job and make things work in the most profitable manner for the company.

In order to become more valuable to his work position, the employee can get advanced accreditation and training courses in his field. By doing this, the candidate will definitely become more important to the company and can offer more than other employees that have the same tasks and responsibilities.

To avoid unemployment in uncertain times, the employee can take on more responsibility, to ask for them and not to expect to be asked. For example, the candidate can tell the employer that he wants to grow with the company and there might be some work available in a specific department that he will be glad to take. This offers the employer an overview on the candidate's initiative, work and dedication and can definitely be an unemployment solution.

As said above, in hard economical times, companies need to fire many employees and need to have less employees to fulfill many tasks, so the applicant may be asked to work more hours, may receive many responsibilities, projects and tasks. The employee needs to be available to perform extra work if needed, extra work that will definitely pay off in the future. Many employs feel that doing extra work or doing more work after office hours goes unnoticed which is not true. Employers look for the extra efforts that an employ put in and they do get rewards in the form of secure employment and more growth opportunity.

Beyond seeking solutions to stay employed, the candidate can also be careful for other employment options, just in case happens to be fired. The applicant has to be careful not be left without options so it is better to know what companies are hiring and what positions are great for him. The best thing to do in this circumstance is to keep your resume updated and be open for jobs suitable to your profile. Attending carrier events is also a good idea where you can get to know about jobs openings. In order to avoid unemployment in an uncertain time, the employee needs to have some backup solutions to protect his job: be enthusiastic and positive about work, ask for more tasks and responsibilities and keep seeking for other employment solutions just in case.

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