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Finding the best Internship for you

Internships help you gain valuable knowledge, experience, and achievements that can be added to your resume. Depending on the specific profession or area, by adding an internship to the resume, one can gain credibility without necessarily having a professional work experience. An internship represents a key element in the professional development of a person and adding it to a resume is important, because it offers the employer an overview on the applicant's professional skills and achievements. When choosing an internship, one has to consider their education, goals, and interests. Here are some tips that will help the applicant choose the internship that fit them best.


The applicant can ask their mentors to help them get internships. For example: he can ask professors, colleagues, students or people in a specific field that can help him find the best types of internship and where to find them. Below is a list of things you should keep in mind while looking for an internship:

  • Make sure that the internship that you pursue is related to your field of expertise
  • Obtain detailed information about the internship and how it will benefit you
  • See to it that you get a practical insight from the company and make sure that you select a company that is reputed for providing internships
  • Check the duration of the internship and inform the company if you have limited time
  • Keep your senses sharp and extract all the information that you can while you are undergoing the internship
  • Do not hesitate to ask queries, but make sure they are related to the project or internship
  • Consult your peers and seniors to get more information about the best institution to pursue your endeavor
  • Enquire about the entire procedure of the internship and make sure you have a detailed resume ready to be presented at the time of your interview

Another location that the applicant can search for an internship is college. Every college has a career service office designed solely for this purpose. These career service offices usually help students or recent graduates to find further educational development opportunities. Many students have never visited these offices so those who are looking for an internship should definitely pay such an office a visit. Here, the students will get different internship opportunities, advice on how to get them and they will be offered the steps they should follow in order to have a successful career path.

The student should check with the administration in the specific department because they can find several internship offers that could fit their interest.

Career fairs are a great place to find internship offers for both experienced and for new graduates. Here the student can find thousands of companies that have hiring offers and internships. A great advice that the student should consider is to visit every career fair that they hear about, talk with the companies about their offers and research what companies have or might have in the future openings for internships. Although, the student might not find the kind of internship they want they can find some new opportunities.

Another option that the student can consider is to check internship sites. These internship sites are specially created to educate and inform students of internships. These sites usually offer students advice about internships, industry updates, and internship postings. Whatever student needs to know about an internship can be found out by surfing through these websites. By having more internship options, students can choose the ones that match their objectives and that offer great development opportunities in specific fields.

If the student has exhausted all means of research and did not find something to please him then they can start cold calls. First, they can begin with the companies that they would like to work for and call them or e-mail them regarding an opening for an internship. Many companies can consider or can actually create intern positions if they receive offers.

When searching for an internship, one has many options on hand and can choose the internship that matches their interests. By using the methods above, one can definitely find the best internship.

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