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Common Career Questions Answered

When it comes to fulfilling their career, no matter the position or the field in which they are working, many people have questions regarding their career like the job security, the fields of hiring or the job search. They often try to solve these issues by making the right choice and by keeping a positive attitude. This article puts forth some of the most common questions about career and provides useful answers to them.


Due to the current economy, one of the most frequent questions of applicants is "how to find a job in this economy?" Due to the recession, more and more people have been laid off and few job openings are available. It is common for many people who are trying desperately to find a job in their fields to feel stressed and disappointed because most of the time they face rejection. They want to know what tips and methods to try in order to better their chances of finding a job.

You have to know that there are indeed many efficient methods that help improve your chances of getting a job. Follow these useful tips: revise, customize and target your resume to every position that you apply for so that the employer can see that you are interested in the job. Get more and more skills and qualifications so that you can be on the competitive edge. Be enthusiastic and positive when participating in interviews because employers value the applicant's attitude towards the job and the company. Prepare yourself for every interview: your attire, your resume, your presentation, your communication skills and so on.

"Is it smart to quit my job now?" This is another difficult question for people in the employment market. This is a common issue because there are many people who hate their job and want to quit, but they are not sure that it is the best thing to do due to the bad economical situation. You have to keep in mind that you don't have to quit your job because of an isolated event at your job, but you can quit if the situation is chronic. So if you think that these negative aspects are chronic, you can quit because there are still industries that are hiring. It is good to research first what other job opportunities you have before quitting.

"Can I ask for a raise?" - is from far one of the hardest issues when it comes to the salary. Usually employees are unsure as to when and why should they ask for a raise. Before asking for a raise, you must analyze these two aspects: what is the current economical situation of the company and if you deserve a raise. For example, if there are many layoffs and losses it is probably not a good time to ask for a raise, so wait until the company has a better economical situation.

Regarding the second problem: there are many reasons for why you can ask for a raise, for example if you have brought new clients, or because of your skills and achievements. If you can demonstrate that you deserve the raise, then asking for one is easy. You have to know that you should never expect or ask for a raise just because you think that it is time or because your colleagues got one. You certainly won't get one if you don't truly deserve it.

These were just a few of the most common questions answered on how to find a job in this economy, if it is a smart decision to quit your job or when it is the right time to ask for a raise.

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