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Difference Between College Degrees

Choosing a college degree is very important for building a career in any of the related field of interest. There are various degrees available in the market, but it is important that you should go for the degree of your choice. Before choosing a college, the students need to think to what kind of college they want to go to, what are the areas of interest and what is the duration of the course. Many of the students get confused while choosing college degrees. Usually there are two types of degree Two-year degree and Four-year degree. Let us now compare the difference between college degrees.


Two-year college degree is a perfect choice for the students interested in a technical course or any vocational course. A two-year college degree is also a great idea for students who do not have a good record of accomplishment in high school, and one of the best thing is that it is within the range or budget. That is why many students opt for two-year degree course. Another important aspect of this course is that the students get to know more in a short period of time. The admission process is same for both the two-year college degree and four-year college degree, but the entrance examination is different. The class requirements for a two-year college are just like the ones for a four-year college. The student can either enroll in general education courses, which can lead to four-year programs or to a specialized field of study. Two-year college degree usually has the specialization in technical or administrative programs.

The two-year college degree works with the vocational trade business and offers students internships and apprenticeships. Therefore, students who choose automotive field can get hands on experience at a local repair shop. Other important thing one should consider when choosing a two-year college degree is that the average costs, as it is less as compared to four-year degree. Students who choose a four-year college degree are usually those who look for a solid education in a wide range. A four-year degree is usually the minimum education required for an entry-level position in almost every industry. This type of degree offers many options and opportunities for what career one chooses. A four-year college degree allows students to take both general and specific classes. The first two years focus on general education courses like English, Science, Mathematics and the last two years focus on a specific career field. The four-year college degree offers students beyond the actual classes, many learning experiences and opportunities. For example, students can participate in seminars, club activities, lectures or other cultural activities. This type of college also offers internships, abroad studies, and education programs that can ease the education learning.

Four-year college degrees are usually expensive as compared to the two-year college degrees. According to statistics, the average costs per year for a four-year college is of about $5351, but that does not include other tasks, i.e. hostel charges, meal charges and some other. The advantage of a four-year college degree is that the student can easily return his investment by getting a great job or a better chance of advancement in future. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that employees with a four-year degree make on average with $13.000 more per year, as compared to two-year degree.

The differences between the college degrees, i.e. two-year college degree and a four-year college degree usually, refer to the classes studied, its cost, the opportunities of jobs and advancement. No doubt two-year college degree is less expensive than the four-year college degree and four-year college degree offers more job opportunities. However, both offer the student the possibility to attend internships and apprenticeships.

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