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Getting Scholarships in a Tough Economy

College is a tough period for many students and the biggest problem is paying for school fees. Those who can't afford college costs usually apply for scholarships and student loans. The difference between these two is that scholarships don't have to be paid back or only a small part must be paid back, while student loans must be paid totally. Many students when getting into college want to find sources so that they can pay for their studies without giving the loan back. It will take them a lot of research and good academic results, but in the end it is all worth it. Let's look at the most efficient methods to get a scholarship in a bad economy.


The first step you have to consider when you want to get a scholarship to pay for your studies is to start early. Most college scholarship programs have strict deadlines because they are very competitive so, try to respect these deadlines. If you miss these deadlines, you will hardly get an extension. Be careful because scholarships are offered once a year or once a semester. Usually students receive scholarships on a first come basis so if you don't hurry you will certainly be left out.

With the changing economical scenario, many families will feel the heat of financial crunch without any prior intimation .Those who are not eligible for financial aid may be eligible with the passing week, so it is always advised to fill the financial aid form every year no matter whether you qualify for it or not.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application is the first source where students should seek when applying for a scholarship. FAFSA is a federal application for federal college student aid. The FAFSA application can be found at the college financial aid offices or in the high school counseling departments. The federal government has many programs which they offer in loan as well as in grant function. For those who are just about to start college and it is the first time that they are applying for student aid, have to apply early. They can apply in the last year of high school to get an aid for the first fall semester of college.

Another important thing while applying for scholarship is to calculate the overall necessary cost to attend college. Calculate the cost of expenses as well other than just tuition fees. There are expenses like transportation, books, living and other supplies. Different institutions pay different amount for these expenses.

Students can also apply for private scholarships through private companies and entities. Usually these private entities offer money for the education and promotion of college students. Each has specific criteria, some might be quite specific when offering students aid like woman living in Michigan. They can pay for a part or for the whole college costs. When offering these scholarships, private employers can be very interested to know where you or your family works before offering aid. Search and discuss many possibilities with them to determine applicability.

After the first round of applications for scholarships, it is possible that you have been denied. You have the opportunity to appeal and to add information that you might have forgotten in your initial application.

College requires the student to spend huge amounts of money for books, a place to live and many other types of fees. So, in this tough economy, you may need to apply for a student loan or a scholarship in order to pay for college tuition. The best thing is to apply for a scholarship because here there is a possibility that you will have to pay a small part or not to pay back at all. However, be careful to apply early, to respect all the deadlines and to search as many opportunities as possible.

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