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Tips on Securing Good Career in Bad Economy

The current economical situation is quite depressing for everyone. Applicants who want to get a new job realize that it is quite difficult to secure a good career in bad economy which is prevalent now. If you have not been lucky getting a job, then you need to realize where you are lacking and what corrective measures can be taken. Below are the best tips and pointers on how to search and to apply for a job, at a time when it is hard enough to obtain an interview, not to mention a job. If you are looking for a job and you don't have any luck finding one because of the economy, you have to keep a positive attitude and not get depressed and think that there are no jobs available. There are many industries and positions that are looking for qualified applicants, so you have to be sure that you search as much as you can for them. Inform your friends, family and colleagues about your search and ask them if they know any job opening in your field of interest. By putting the information about your job search out there, you will have more chances of getting a job.


If you have sent your resume to many companies and you still haven't received any answer, you have to know that your resume needs to be updated. Polish your resume for inconsistencies and change some phrases. Use action words in your resume so that you are more demonstrative. Make sure that you include all your skills, achievements and qualifications so that you become a competitive candidate. Do some research and attend career events like job fairs, events; you can also participate to seminars specific to your field and to your profession. If nothing works, it is time to act smarter. Here are few tips that you can you use:

  • Make your presence visible to the networking contacts. Call them 4 times a day rather than calling them 4 times a week

  • Attending more networking events. Try to attend one networking event a week rather than one in a month

  • Follow up immediately when you meet someone or you learn of an opportunity. Returning calls or sending a thank you email the same day of the interview would be a good idea.

While you are looking for a good career in this bad economy, you can contract jobs that offer you an extra income, practice and experience. You can get in touch with old contacts, create new ones and start freelancing. Start doing freelance work in your position, because it is better than doing nothing. There are many freelancing jobs available in market like writing jobs, data entry jobs and various other jobs related to most common fields. Freelance work is great for companies that cannot afford full time employees and other costly benefits. If you want to improve your career and you cannot seem to find a job in your metropolitan area, you can consider changing your residence. This can seem a drastic solution to you, but it is something that you have to consider if it will make any difference in your career: if you will work for a better company in a better position and if you will receive a higher salary. The job searching and networking is very hard, but you have to know that every job contact can help you. For example, you should know that it is enough if one person mentions your name to a hiring manager so that he/she can consider your resume and ask you for a job interview.

Use the above tips to find a job or to secure a good career in a bad economy. Some of the most important tips are: permanently update your resume, attend career events and consider freelancing.

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