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High School Internships

Many people start to think about their career path right from the time they are in high school. They organize a career map and think of ways to get there. For those who are still in high school and who haven't yet thought about what career they want to embrace, a great choice is to enroll in an internship program. Choose an industry or field that might interest you, think of what your career interests and goals are, and then choose the best internship for you. Though you may think that internships are usually for college students, this is a wrong notion, because it is never too early to start creating a career for you. Therefore, more and more high school students take up positions in real world internships to prepare for a career after college. Here is what you should know about high school internships.


First, you should know that only few high school students think of applying for an internship. That is why if you enroll in an internship program, you will definitely be more career conscious and you will impress internship employers and the colleges for which you will apply. They will see that you are interested in building a career and getting as much education, qualifications and experience as you can. This will make you valuable for your future employers and will make you stand out from other applicants too.

An internship is a great way to get an idea about how a certain industry or field that you like and are interested in is. You can see if it matches your personality and your career goals. Internships last for a few months to a half a year, thus there is plenty of time to decide if the industry fits you.

Another thing you have to know is that high school internships are very useful because they give you a general idea on how an organization works and can offer you many administrative skills for future jobs. In addition, an internship gives you a list of industry contacts that can help you in your future career and provide you with many recommendations. Most companies have internship openings for college students, but some offer internships for high school students as well. Therefore, if you want to find a high school internship, you have to start online searches, to ask high school counselors, professors, parents or colleagues. These are great sources where you can find a high school internship. Another idea you can try is to contact a company that you have always considered and ask if they have openings for high school internships.

Many companies offer summer internship programs to high school students so that they can get a real experience of the industry to get an idea how the working is, and if they would fare well in it. You will have a good professional experience and have some advantage over others, as you will know more about the corporate procedures and business etiquettes than other students who have not undergone this training. You will become efficient and experienced in job searching, resume writing, cracking personal interview, decision-making, networking, industry etiquettes and practices, and so on.

Beyond these sources and ideas where you can try to find a high school internship, here are some companies that constantly offer this kind of internships. Therefore, if you are interested, you should contact them for more information:

  • Microsoft
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute
  • Smithsonian

You must remember that an internship stint will look impressive on your resume. The recruiting or admissions committee you will apply for, will sense that you are motivated, serious, inquisitive, and responsible. You will have better chances of landing a job after completing a successful internship. It is never too early or too late to consider getting an internship. Internships help you in your career by offering you the possibility to have hands-on experience. They can guide you towards discovering and reaching your career passion. You can also get some important and useful skills for your future career. Having hands-on industry experience will always be helpful for you in your career. So, start researching on the companies that offer internships for high school students and consider enrolling.

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