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How to Ace the Phone Interview

When you have posted your resume online or have applied for a job, every phone ring fills you with anxiety and parallel curiosity. The call that you would receive maybe the one that can change your life. Therefore, you have to prepare yourselves very well for that precious call.

There are many things one has to know when participating in an interview for a job. There are rules and labels that have to be respected by the applicant: how to present his resume, how to talk, how to dress and so on. However, these are the rules that one has to respect especially for a face-to face interview. The phone interview is different from the in-person interview and requires a different protocol and other tips that you have to follow. Below are some of the tips you can use during a phone interview in order to get closer to obtaining a job.


When you have a phone job interview, the first thing you have to do is to be prepared and to have in front of you all the documents you might need. Before scheduling a phone interview, it is good to have a copy of your resume, cover letter, a list of contacts and other documents that can be asked about you and your career history. Be prepared with all these documents because you certainly do not want to look unprofessional or disorganized by rushing around the house during the interview. By not being prepared with the documents, you will waste the interviewer's time and he would not be definitely looking for such kind of an employee who does not value and respect the importance of time.

The second important rule or advice to follow is to avoid distractions like eating, smoking or other kinds of activities during a phone interview. If the interviewer cannot see you, it does not mean that they cannot hear and it is really unprofessional to hear someone chewing or doing something else on phone and that too in such a formal situation. So it is better to go in a quiet room with no other people.

Now comes the third point. Practice before your phone interview. It is true that there are some applicants who do better during the face-to-face interviews than during the phone interviews and vice versa. Be relaxed, focus and try to communicate clearly and avoid pauses like "umms" and "ahhs". Avoid the use of any slang and talk politely and patiently. Prepare a list of draft questions that you may receive and think of some answers. Remember to emphasize your best achievements and skills.

Another important advice that you have to consider during a phone interview is to keep a positive attitude. Even though the employer cannot see your smile, he will definitely hear it in your voice. So, make sure that when you communicate with your employer, you are positive and enthusiastic.

Many untrained people can get nervous when participating in a phone interview. As a result, they can start talking really fast and have an ambiguous dialogue. The best thing you can to is to exercise your speech many times, to be relaxed and during the job interview try to speak slowly and clearly so that the employer can understand your words.

You should know that usually the phone interview is a precursor for a face-to-face interview. Be careful to do well at the phone interview so that the employer can call you for an in-person interview.

Before concluding this article, let us revise all the important points once again.

During a phone interview, you have to respect a list of rules in order to succeed. So, remember these tips before your phone interview: have in front of you all the documents that you might need; focus on the interview and avoid distractions; practice so that you can talk slowly and clearly and be positive and enthusiastic because the employer will definitely hear it.

So keep your phones beside you and wait for that 'tring-tring'.

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