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Make your Internship Count

If you found the internship that fits your career goals, you must be wondering how to succeed at it and also, how to use it for your career advantage. Here are some tips and pointers on how to approach your work in an internship position. Make your internship count by following these simple tips.


The first thing that you have to do when starting an internship is to set some personal goals for the internship. For example, set goals like gaining hands-on experience and skills as you can. Set some specific goals that you think you can fulfill, stick to them and work towards them.

Another way to make the most of your internship is to meet your supervisor. This will help you to find out how many progressions you have made in learning the field and the position. You have to know your progressions so that you can help the company with the skills you have gained. Try to gain as much career experience as you can and make sure that your supervisor offers regular feedback on your work.

Try to be enthusiastic and positive no matter how boring and uninteresting your task or responsibility. You have to know that in order to get to the important tasks and positions you have to first finish the small tasks. But remember that your tasks, even if they are small, are still important for the company's success and productivity. Along with the training, you can secure a possible job in the company, so being positive is vital in order to better your chances. If you have a successful internship, you will receive great recommendations

Don't be scared to ask questions, if you don't understand something just because you don't want to look stupid. This is the only way you will learn and you will make your internship count. If you don't ask, you may end up doing the task wrong and you will make a bad impression. The assignments, tasks and responsibilities that you receive are a good practice in your future career life. So if you want to get the most of your internship and if you want to really learn something, the best thing is to ask if you don't understand something. The role of the internship is to help you to learn and to prepare for the career field.

Give your hundred percent in whatever work assigned to you. And make sure to make a note of any noticeable accomplishment you achieve along the way and include them in your resume. Observe things and keep yourself open for new cost effective ways to do things.

Take initiative in an internship and show the supervisors what you have to offer, what skills you have and how can you be helpful in the company. By doing so, they can see your dedication and interest in the company and in the internship, and you can receive some great professional references for a future job, or you can be offered a job in the company where you are an intern. Take initiative in order to improve or go beyond what assignments you received. The supervisors will then see that you are dedicated, hard working and that you are valuable for the company's long term success.

The purpose of the internship is to help you learn and prepare you for the employment market. Make your internship count by respecting the important steps mentioned above. Remember that by doing so, you may receive a job offer after the completion of your internship.

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