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Most Valued Internship Skills

Internships are beneficial for the applicant's career, so more and more applicants consider internships in college, if they are recent grads or if they are changing their careers. Internships are really valuable for everyone's future career, because they offer participants the possibility of hands-on experience, a list of industry contacts and a great industry recommendation. Beyond the day-to-day responsibilities during an internship, one also needs to have some specific skills. Below are some of the most valued internship skills. The most important thing that employers and internship supervisors value is professionalism. They want to see that the employee or the intern is professional in all their actions, like: dressing in a professional manner, avoiding personal problems at workplace, avoiding altercations with other employees and having a professional language and behavior altogether. Employers want professionalism from a candidate because usually professional candidates finish their work on time and are serious in all their activities.


Other important skill that employers value in an intern is enthusiasm. This skill is a valued one in every job, industry or field. It is true that not all the duties that an intern will receive are pleasant, exciting or easy. The best thing the intern can do is to have a positive attitude. They have to remember that in order to get to larger and important responsibilities, he has to resolve the small ones first. Whatever responsibility is given to an intern, they need to fulfill it with the all enthusiasm and get it done in the allotted time frame.

Internship coordinators or supervisors usually value interns who have strong work ethics. They want to see if the intern is willing to work and if they finish the tasks on time. For example, on one hand, there can be interns who take a lunch break, although they have a due task. On the other hand, a professional intern with a strong work ethic is committed to their tasks and responsibilities and will not leave until he finishes his work.

Interns with a sense of responsibility are most appreciated on an internship or at a job. So an important advice is when the candidate enters the career world; it does not matter if it is an internship or a job, they need to be responsible for their actions. Having a sense of responsibility refers to taking ownership for duties and responsibilities that were not finished properly. Being a responsible employee means to consider every assignment as your own and not to blame anyone else, if the task is not completed or if isn't done properly.

Honesty and integrity are other valued skills at an internship. Internship supervisors want to see that interns are honest and that they apply the phrase "what's right is right method" in their work. Honest and reliable employees usually do the right thing in every action, no matter what the consequences are. Another important skill set that an employer values is teamwork. If a person can work in a team and can execute duties and responsibilities provided to them within the team, then it is a big boast for their carrier. Good communication skill plays an important part in internship as it shows how good a person is in communicating with others.

Internships and apprenticeships are really important for one's resume because they offer the employer an overview look on the candidate's hands-on experience, the qualification and the skills gained through it. During an internship, one is required to have certain skills. The most valued internship skills are: professionalism, which means that the intern needs to be professional from clothes to actions; enthusiasm is another must have skill that one has to posses not only during the internship but also in their later career; the intern needs to have a strong work ethics and should finish their tasks in time. Also, interns have to be honest, upright and have to be able to take responsibility for their actions.

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