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Non Profit Grant Writers The Basics

People who work as nonprofit grant writer have very fulfilling jobs and a well-paid salary and many other benefits. This is why you have to know what opportunities are available in the nonprofit sector, and what skills and experience you need in order to get a job in this sector. This article provides the basic job details of a nonprofit grant writer.


Everyone knows that nonprofit organizations work for a certain cause and their programs are based on grant money and private donations. Private donations come from large companies and other entities. Often, the money is not enough for a nonprofit organization to support its missions and causes. Non-profit organizations are an expensive business, even though the costs are less as compared with those of the commercial entities. The organizations need money from private companies and from the government in order to support their cause financially. However, the government and the private companies can offer money only to some organizations, so they have to be selective. This selection is based on a grant application where the nonprofit organization explains the mission and the program to ask for funds. Below is a list of the roles and responsibilities that the nonprofit grant writer should follow:

  • Their primary aim is to prepare an appropriate and professional grant proposal by performing a thorough research of the information involved
  • In order to draft a proposal, they must be aware of the company policies, rules, and regulations
  • They are expected to keep a record of the proposals that they have drafted and provide additional information if needed by the organization
  • In some companies, they are also expected to perform additional duties such as management of volunteers and other company duties.

Usually nonprofit organizations have a limited budget, smaller staff and fewer resources. The organization works very hard to maintain the operations of their business and does not have time to get involved in the complicated process of applying for grant money. As a result, the nonprofit organization hires a grant writer on a contract basis to research, apply, and maintain grants so that they can fund their programs. You are probably wondering if anyone can be a grant writer, but the answer quite simply is no. Grant writers are required to have a certain amount of training, skills, and education. One of the most important requirements for a grant writer is to be talented, as far as their writing skills are concerned, because many organizations want grant money and the competition for receiving grants is harsh. Beside the basic skills mentioned, a grant writer also needs to have specific skills like excellent communication skills, skills required to work as the part of a team, persuasive oral and writing skills, and has to be detail oriented.

Being a nonprofit grant writer is a good choice for those who want to make a difference to the world, and have a decent salary including many other benefits. Employers in the nonprofit field look for applicants with the skills mentioned above, the expertise needed to win grants, and those who can stay on top of their profession. On a freelance basis, a grant writer can earn up to $ 50,000. This is an opportunity you should definitely consider not only because of the salary and the financial benefits, but also because there is a shortage of people who know how to write or how to win grants in this world. Many nonprofit organizations are in the need of a grant writer so your expertise will always be in demand and if your skill is rare and impressive, you will always be provided with higher salaries and better job opportunities as well.

The nonprofit field has many jobs, positions, and requirements that are different from those in the field of profit organization. The nonprofit field offers applicants many job opportunities; one of the most important is the position as a nonprofit grant writer. Therefore, if you meet the requirements, have the skills and training mentioned above, you can consider the job of a grant writer which offers you self-fulfillment and a good enough salary.

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