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How to Find Paid Internships for College Students

When you choose an internship, you have to know that there are many factors that need to be considered. It doesn't matter if you are a high school or college student, because internships are useful for your career regardless the period. The things that you have to know is what you are looking for exactly and what do you expect to gain from an internship experience.


You should know that there are two types of internships: the paid and the unpaid internships. Many of us definitely prefer paid internships, but most of them are unpaid. So, if you want to find a paid internship that you like and that matches your career goals it will be very hard. Here are some methods on how to ease your work in finding an internship that you need.

The first thing you have to consider as a college student when you are looking for an internship is in what industry or field you want to work. The best way to find the field that you like most is to consider positions related to your major industry. It is a good start to consider first the industries that you like most, for example Finance or Business, but the best thing is to think of choosing an internship in other fields. You might discover that other fields offer greater opportunities than your own and that you have many transferable skills that you can use.

The second step is to ask around family, friends and colleagues about paid internships. Ask them if they know any company which offers paid internships. You can also ask on the career services department on campus; this department is trained in many areas of career planning and there you can find information regarding a paid internship. Research online, on different sites where you can find additional information regarding this subject. Many college sites offer information about some student opportunities so you can start there.

Visit job fairs because there are thousands of employers who offer graduates jobs or internship opportunities. Job fairs offer you the opportunity to present yourself to the employers and ask them if they have paid internship offers. Even if they haven't got any current offers, they might look for you in case there is an internship opening. Job fairs also offer you the possibility to gain some important contacts which can definitely help you in your future career path.

Another thing you can try is to research about companies that you are interested in and contact them directly. You can schedule an interview and demonstrate to them as to why should they offer you a paid internship. Present them your education, skills, qualifications, job experience, achievements, and other things that set you above the average college intern.

If you want to stand out from other applicants, you should think of getting an internship. Internships are very important for your career and they offer you the chance to get hands-on experience. Most of the internships are unpaid, but there are some companies that offer paid internship. You just have to know how and where to look for them, so use the guidelines presented above carefully.

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