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How to stay Professional on Facebook

Today, there are many things said about how valuable is social networking through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. Most people usually have multiple accounts on these sites, for both personal and professional use. But the question is whether they know how to keep a difference between professional and personal approach. Separating one from another is a common concern for people with social media sites. The main problem is that they don't know what the etiquette is and how to handle it. Below are just some useful tips on how to successfully make the difference between the two and how to stay professional on Facebook.


The first thing you must do is to familiarize yourself with the term filter. So, if you have a social networking account the best thing is to separate your contacts and what they see. For example, you certainly don't want your colleague or your employer to see incriminating pictures of you from a party. As a result, it is good to learn how you can separate them and to control who sees what. Make sure that your professional contacts won't see images that could discredit you.

Avoid requesting your boss or other work supervisors to be linked with you this way because it is unprofessional and uncomfortable. If you have a good rapport with your boss, you should better wait for him to initiate this kind of contact.

When it comes to your profile, another important tip is to think before you post thoughts and feelings on how was your day. The last thing you want is to seem unprofessional, less enthusiastic and unsatisfied regarding your job. Your post can be easily seen by your colleagues or employer and it is certainly the last thing that you want them to see. It is unfortunate that you can't post thoughts as freely as you would do with your personal friends. Remember that it is better to be safe and cautious than to be sorry. Be careful on what you post and who sees your post because as you know anything online can be viewed and can immediately affect your career. So, if you have problems at work, it is better to talk privately with a friend through an e-mail than to post it to your profile status.

Be careful of your online reputation. You have to know that whatever you write online speaks about your reputation. Your profile can be seen by your colleagues or your boss and if it is public, it can be searched too. As a result your colleagues can not only check what you write and see your pictures, but they can also verify some of your friend's profiles and can find something incriminating. The best thing you can do is to permanently check your online reputation and be careful that your friends don't post inappropriate pictures or comments that could discredit you.

Many people have nowadays accounts on social networking sites, but few of them now how to make the difference between the professional and the personal contacts. In order to stay professional on Facebook, you must respect these useful tips: have a social networking filter in order to separate the professional contacts from the personal ones and be careful on what you post on your profile because your postings can easily discredit you.

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