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Staying Healthy while Unemployed

Unemployment is not something to be ashamed of, neither is it a matter of one's prestige. Unemployment is a phase of your life just like any other phase. Take the situation with a pinch of salt and calm your mind. Sit down, relax and think what can be done in such a situation. Staying healthy while unemployed is crucial. People often deteriorate their health under such circumstances by avoiding their health, which should never be done. Keep your mind and body healthy, so that you can take correct and appropriate decisions in this tough time.


In the present economical situation, many people fear of being laid off or dismissed from their job. The people being unemployed in this period need to cut down their expenses, to renounce too many aspects of their life. Cut down the unwanted and luxurious expenses and do not indulge in spending too much on hotels or shopping. Because of their financial situation people are usually stressed, depressed and sometimes get ill. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy while unemployed or with a very strict budget.

The people, who are unemployed, should definitely know the term COBRA. COBRA is the right of the unemployed person to keep his insurance for at least 6 months after being unemployed. Therefore, the first advice is to keep your health insurance as long as possible. Health insurance is valuable and helps much in preventative care. Beyond that period of time, one may not even need it because he/she will have benefits from another company.

If you have a strict budget and you cut down the gym costs then here is a great solution you can try: find different activities around the house or neighborhood to keep in shape and to keep your cardiovascular health. Climb stairs, lift weights, run or swim for 3-4 times a week to stay fit. If one needs cut down the grocery budget with a few dollars then here are some tips: start with cutting the additives and the processed foods. Keep a healthy diet with a small budget; include in your diet fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and bread. Anything more or extra than these ingredients is damaging so follow this healthy diet. Extra ingredients mean coffee, sugar or other additives.

Talking with friends and family is a vital thing in order to avoid stress or to cut back anxiety. Many people do not talk to anyone due to the shame they feel for losing their job. Stress can be one of the main causes of disease in this uncertain century so, if you are unemployed talk with your close ones. Get all your negative feelings out.

Keeping motivated is an important part of your mental health; so keep motivated to find new work or to change careers. Make action plans, set future goals in order to feel better and not to get depressed.

While unemployed, many people may sleep too much due to the depression or too little due to the anxiety. To stay healthy one must sleep 7-8 hours per night. Sleepless nights cause many health problems, so keep a normal sleep program to recharge your batteries for the next day to look for work.

There are many people who are used to take many supplements for a continued health, but with a downsized budget, they cannot afford them anymore. Therefore, another useful advice is to take a multivitamin. A multivitamin is less expensive and rounds the diet.

In uncertain times with no job people tend to become stressed and to have health problems. By following the steps mentioned above one can definitely stay healthy while unemployed: do exercises around the house to keep in shape, have a healthy diet, talk about your problems, keep motivated, sleep enough and take multivitamins.

As we all know 'health is wealth'. Therefore, keep this wealth intact.

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