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Things to do while Unemployed

We all have learnt in our schools that we cannot move to the next chapter until we finish the previous one. We will not be able to understand the next chapter if we do not attend on the first chapter. Our life is also a book and each phase of our life is a new chapter that opens and closes. Some chapters are easy, finishes early while some chapters are difficult to complete. Unemployment is such a chapter in your life, which is difficult to complete. So, what all things to do while unemployed?


When losing a job one has feelings of failure, shame, depression and anxiety. Many people lose their positive attitude; the best thing to do when being unemployed is to keep your spirits up, to stay positive, to prepare for the next chapter in your career by keeping your brains sharp. For those who are unemployed and wonder what else is there to do except the job searching activities, here are some options that offer many benefits while waiting for the next career move.

A first idea one can consider while unemployed is to start his own company. It seems like much, but it does not have to be. You can use the contacts that you have from your previous companies and get in touch with some clients. By doing this, you can create free advertising and start to have profit on a contract basis. There are many ways you can start your own company on a low cost and if you choose the right low-overhead of the company.

Start writing on a blog because first of all it is free and it can bring many opportunities and options. A blog can be used to network with people in a specific industry or with those you share common interests. Bloggers make great money from affiliate advertisers. There are thousands of people who look for good sites to advertise on, so they can definitely choose your site to do it. Bloggers usually collect a monthly percentage from the sales of the companies that choose to advertise their products on the blog. Also, a blog is a great idea for those interested in particular areas like finance, public relations and so on.

Many people while employed have less time to exercise, to go out or just to relax. Another thing one can try while unemployed is doing exercises to stay fit. Doing exercise benefits your soul and body; you will feel more relaxed and less depressed because of your job loss. Sports help you to clear your head, to be more positive, to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.

Get trained if unemployed and make sure that you are in touch with your industry skills, qualifications and training in order to stay competitive in the market. Choose some community level courses or opt for online classes. These are not expensive and they are really flexible. You can choose to get trained in your field or area of interest or you can choose another field if you are planning to change careers. There is no necessity for you to invest money in this training; there many free online courses or you can enroll as an intern or a volunteer in a company.

Participating in an internship is another great idea you can try if unemployed. Although, you are not paid for being an intern, you can consider this as an investment for your future. Internships help you to get extra training and qualifications. Also, if the company that offered the internship has a job opening, you can be more applicable especially; if during the internship you contributed to the company's projects.

To cut a long story short, If you are unemployed, then you should consider trying these activities: start your own company, write a blog, work out or do exercises, get more training and participate in internships. By choosing one of these activities, you are definitely going to stay in shape and be in demand.

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