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What you Get Out of a Visit to a Career Services

College is a very busy time for a student because between courses and studying, they hardly get any time left to plan his/her career. So, before graduating or after you have graduated, the career planning that you have postponed during college has to be considered and a visit to career services must be approached. They are your first point of contact for career counseling. Below are some reasons on why you should visit a career office and what kind of resources they can offer in order to help you in your career planning.


Those who started college in the fall or those who have just finished the first year have to know that they need to choose a specialty. Analyze your passions, skills and preferences before you choose your specialty because the specialty study won't necessarily determine your path or your choice, but will definitely affect you. If you are working in a field which is not of your interest, then what ever you do, the job satisfaction everyone seeks for would not be there. Choose the carrier path which suits your field of interest and the job that gives you satisfaction. There is an old saying "If you love your job, then Sky is the limit." So, it is better to receive counseling as soon as possible on what major specialty you like and what career path you want to follow. The career services department offers information about industries, jobs and companies and gives you career exams so you can find out what career fits your personality best. Other than this, they help in grooming your skills like work site behavior, communication skill and interpersonal skill. The department can also put you in contact with some entities in the field that you are interested in.

Every career path should begin by having some hands-on experience, because, if not, it will be very difficult to find a job straight out of college if you have no experience. You have to know that an internship can definitely better your chances of getting an entry-level position. Career service departments can find and introduce you to internships in the area that will suit your career. They also inform you about the various life style issues like balancing work with family and leisure once you get into a job or in an internship.

If you have finished or you are close to finishing your undergraduate studies you may be considering getting a graduate degree. The graduate degree involves a lot of planning, applying and studying for the entrance. Career service departments offer you tips and pointers on how to succeed.

Those who never held a professional position or have never worked, clearly have no idea what it is expected in the resume and in the cover letter application. Career service departments can offer you information regarding this subject and will show you how to create a cover letter and a resume that can help you get an interview.

After you have applied for an interview, it is normal to feel anxious and intimidated because you don't know what to expect. Career service professionals will help you walk thorough, and they can tell you what questions to expect, how to answer them and how to make a good first impression.

Career service departments can also help you if you are out of school and you cannot find a good job in your field. If you want a real world experience from someone who has succeeded in your field, you can go to the career service department. They have a database of post graduates in many positions and industries who are interested in helping recent graduates in the industry.

Career service departments can help college students or recent grads in their journey of planning their career, by offering them useful tips in what industry to choose, how and where to find an internship, how to have a successful resume and cover letter, how to ace at an interview, and many other information.

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