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Clerk Resume

A clerk's job is to maintain paperwork, store data, and sometimes generate reports. There are clerical jobs in every field. You will find a clerical job opening in all fields such as medical, judicial, accounts, postal, ticketing and taxing. When you are applying for a clerical job, you need to consider the specific requirement of that field and draft the clerk resumes.


Clerical resumes must place emphasis on the candidates work experience in clerical field, skills, computer proficiency, and education details. Before you start writing your resume, jot down important points that you want to mention in your resume.

Points to be highlighted in clerk resumes are as follows:

Work Experience:

It is important to highlight your work experience that is relevant to the job opening you are applying for. If you have work experience in other fields, then highlight the clerical aspects of the jobs like file maintenance, handling front office, using computer softwares, scanning and faxing documents, and other administrative responsibilities. Young graduates or under grads, with no work experience, who are applying for a clerical job need to highlight their participation in college programs or social community programs. When mentioning the details of such programs, make sure that you emphasize your administrative and clerical skills.


To grab the employer's attention, list your skills using bullet points. Highlighting your clerical and administrative skills will help you to create the right impression on the employer. If you are applying for a job at a location where the local people are multi-linguistic then mention your proficiency in speaking those local languages fluently. If you are applying for clerical job in any specific field, then mention the specialized skills related to that field.

For example: If you are applying for a clerical job in judicial field, then highlight your research skills, computer proficiency and knowledge of judicial field. Those applying for clerical position in banks need to emphasize their knowledge about finance and banking industry, ease in doing mathematical calculations, generating reports, accounting, etc.

Computer Proficiency:
When you are applying for a clerical job, it is essential to know how to use computer to store and manage data. List the various computer programs that you can use and your proficiency or experience in using them. List out softwares such as tally, Ms Word, Ms excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, Ms Outlook, lotus notes and many more.

Education Details:

It is important to list your education details. Start with the most recent degree or training you have attended followed by rest in reverse order. Provide details such as your education degree, name of the institute, year of passing (only if you have recently cleared your exams otherwise do not mention it), your grades and achievements. Young graduates can highlight their academic achievements or participation in inter-college activities.

Other details that need to be mentioned:

Contact details:

Resume is first step of applying for the job. You want the employer to call you for a future interview. Hence, mention your correct contact details. Provide details such as your complete name, postal address (for future contact), telephone number (where you can be reached), and email-id (professional one).


Most employers will do background verification; hence they need references from your previous jobs. Those with work experience can provide the details of referees from past four organizations they worked for. Young graduates with no work experience can provide the reference of their college dean or manager of the organization where they did their internship.

You can use various clerk resumes provided on this site for guidance. There are clerk resumes specific to various fields such as procurement, media, production, mortgage, audit, timekeeping, ticketing, statistic and many more. By using these resumes, you can write unique resume for every clerical job you apply. Do not mention any fake details in your resume as you may lose your job, if the employer verifies. After writing your resume, proof read to get rid of any errors. Use readable font to draft your resume. Use professional language and font style to write your resume.

Following are the clerk sample resumes:

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