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Automobile Contract Clerk Resume

An automobile contract clerk is that specialist who verifies the accuracy of the automobile sales contracts. When a potential client is interested in buying a car, there are many things that he has to be informed about such as the ways of payment and the contract conditions. He will have to calculate taxes, insurance premiums and interest rates and to present all this to his customers. For ensuring that the clients have correctly understood all the information, the contract clerk will use tables, schedules, brochures and will make a payment simulation (that includes amount and number of the payments), because the client has to know the exact price of the automobile that he/she is about to buy.


The automobile contract clerk will ask and respond to questions in order to obtain all the necessary information. When all is settled, the contract clerk has to make the contract and it is his responsibility also to explain the terms of the contract. After the contract is signed, the automobile contract clerk has to obtain license, has to transfer titles from the company to the buyers and sign registration documents. For all sales, the clerk will keep records.

As any clerk, the automobile contract clerk has some clerical, administrative duties, meaning: managing records and accounts, corresponding with clients, by telephone, email or face to face, typing, sorting mail, fax, photocopy, etc.

In other words, all documentations have to be prepared by the contract clerk. If this is the job that seems perfect for you, then make sure that you will write a good resume which will bring you a great numbers of interviews. If you want to do this, have a look at our example and include your objective, skills and qualification that will convince the employer that you will do a perfect job.

Automobile Contract Clerk Resume Template

Personal Details
Name: Michael Smith
Birth date: 27.03.1980
Driven License: Yes


Aspiring for the vacant automobile contract clerk job at your company in order to succeed making a great number of contracts using my interpersonal skills and sales experience


Good communicator, profoundly responsible, organized and detail-oriented, with great interpersonal skills and possessing great knowledge of making contracts, I am enthusiastic in helping people buy the perfect automobile

Skills and Core Competencies

  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Understands the automobile industry
  • Good customer relations
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Attentive to detail
  • Ability to operate office machines; computer skills
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with different types of people\
  • Dynamic personality

Work experience

Spacestation Auto Sales Company, Minneapolis, 2002 - Present
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Verifying accuracy of automobile sales contracts
  • Calculating taxes, transfer and license fees, insurance premiums, and interest rates,
  • Verifying the amount and number of payments, and total price of automobile
  • Keeping records of sales contracts
  • Explaining contract terms
  • Obtaining license, sign registration documents and transfer titles


High School Diploma, Minneapolis University, 2000


  • Could increase the number of contracts obtained by the company
  • Improved organizational and administrative skills
  • Developed customer relations

Areas of Interest
Car sales


Mike Clark
Spacestation Auto Sales Company

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