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Correspondence Clerk Resume

A correspondence clerk resume has a new meaning in this new era. The job profile of a correspondence clerk has evolved a lot in the technological front, and there is a distinct difference between the other clerical jobs and a correspondence clerk. Let us see what the difference is.

Letters have always been important to people. We find them in the old novels, in which a mysterious knight leaves an envelope on a lady's nightstand, and then we run into them if we read about the times of the Industrial revolution, when businesses of all kinds flourished and the partners would communicate in written, both to one another and to their client’s etcetera.


In the modern era, their purposes have diversified even more. Today, they serve as a connection between friends who live in different parts of the world, between finances’ who are separated by a long distance or between parents and their children who have gone to live and work in other countries. Either way, they are a pleasant and efficient method of communication. Even if, today, they seem to be outrun by the electronic mail, there still are old-fashioned people who think that a letter is more personal and intimate than a few words which you may write on a computer.

There are so many letters which arrive within a postal agency or in a company every day, that it takes a few people to organize them and make them easily accessible. These are, usually, the responsibilities of a person called the correspondence clerk. He/ she is the one who would receive the correspondence (letters or e-mails), organize it into categories and even answer to it (if it does not require any specialized replies from some specific persons in the company).

In order to do his/her job right, the correspondence clerk needs to be a very organized person, with a great attention to details and the ability to focus on a defined set of routine tasks, even if this means working extra hours.

Job duties and responsibilities for a correspondence clerk

  • Compile data to prepare reports
  • Send acknowledgement letters
  • Reading incoming correspondence to determine its nature
  • Ensure proper collection of money

Skills and abilities

  • Oral and written expression
  • Oral and written comprehension
  • Fast typing speed
  • Active listening


  • Clerical: administrative and clerical procedures such as word processing, managing files and records, office terminology, etc.
  • English language: structure and content of English language, meaning of words, spelling, etc.


If you are such a person and this type of job has attracted your attention, then you should make an appropriate resume. Here is how you should do it exactly.

Correspondence Clerk Resume Sample

Personal details

Name: Brad Carlton
Address: 28 Tensing Avenue, Miami, Florida
Marital status: Married
Birth date: 10/2/1981


Being a correspondence clerk might be an activity that is easily overlooked. However behind the routine tasks, we usually discover people, who work hard in order to receive, organize and answer all the letters and e-mails which are destined to that company.


To become a correspondence clerk within your company, and to use my work experience, skills in order to administer the correspondence department in a proper manner.


Organized and methodical, patient and attentive to details, I am sure that I have all the necessary qualities for this job.

Skills and core competencies

  • Patient
  • Attentive to details
  • Organized
  • Analysis and synthesis abilities
Technical skills

Computer literate

Work experience

Correspondence clerk, The Miami Post Office, 1997–2009

Duties and responsibilities

  • Receive incoming letters
  • Sort out and organize the letters by categories
  • Maintain clear records of the correspondence inputs and outputs


The Daytona High School, Miami, 1993–1997


Great results in creating and administering large databases.

Areas of interest

New computer software connected to the administration of databases.


Mr. Dan Newman,
The Miami Post Office,
General Manager.

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