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Cost Clerk Resume

The clerk calculates other individual costs for the same purpose and for the purpose of finding cheaper production solutions. Basic contents of a resume include description and educational qualification of an individual. It is the first thing that the reader sees before calling the individual for the interview. Thus, it should direct the reader's attention and should be relevant to the job description for which the individual has applied. Keywords are very important to use in a resume as it enables the recruiter to spot the right candidate and shortlist them.


Clerks resume should list out all the details in a vivid manner such that it creates a good impression on the reader. An aptly written resume can surely improve your chances of getting the desired job.

Start with listing you personal details, which include: full name, permanent address, phone no., and email-id. Mention this information on the top of the resume, which would be easily seen by the reader.

After listing your personal details, mention all your educational details and qualifications. These should be clearly related to the job you are applying for. Mention them in the following order:

  • List all your degrees starting from the latest
  • Date and year of graduation
  • Details of certified courses
  • Talents and skills like: language, computer courses etc.

Lastly mention references; they are a good add-on to a resume. It builds a base as to how a candidate's behavior, work ethics, and performance were in the previous company. Provide the references in the following manner:

  • Name
  • Current designation
  • Contact number

This is not quite an entry-level job, so you will need some sort of prior experience in this field. In addition, since there are specific calculations that must be done, an accountant's diploma will make the difference. Remember that while you can use the template below to write your own resume (don't exceed more than two pages), all the information provided is fictional. Keep in mind to focus just on those previous responsibilities you had that are in some way related to the current job description.

Sample Cost Clerk Resume


MR. John Andrews
Address: 103 Main street, Park Sheldon NJ 000447 Email:


(here you will write the citizenship you possess)


To procure the job as the Cost Clerk in your company and to use my great mathematic skills so as to create accurate reports on a monthly basis.

Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent knowledge of how to use a computer and a calculating machine
  • Extensive knowledge on cost calculation and writing cost reports
  • Very good team player
  • Profound understanding of reading various accounting reports
  • Pro-active employee
  • Great negotiating skills
  • Detail oriented

Hard-working individual, available for an interview and for hiring at any time, searching for a competitive work place.

Working Experience

Cost Clerk, some company, any city, any state, 20xx–20xx

  • Compiled production cost reports
  • Calculated individual costs for time, labor, material and other individual costs
  • Used in an extensive manner the computer and a calculating machine
  • Examined various reports: such as production sheets, time sheets, payrolls and others
  • Prepared reports at the end of each month showing various costs, gains or losses
  • Prepared reports showing the final price, the selling price, the rates of the profits
  • Assisted the manager with analyzing the incoming offers
  • Drafted negotiating reply letters
  • Completed any other tasks assigned to me by the superiors

BA in Accounting, New York University, year


Available upon request

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