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Court Clerk Resume

Everyone knows how a courtroom looks like, either that we have seen it personally or in movies. And we all know that the trial does not exclusively depend on the judge and jury. There are a few other important persons of whose presence and functions depends the good management of a law suit. The court clerk is one of them, and his role is essential.


If you are in search of such a job, then you should be very aware of the fact that your responsibility will be significant. If you happen to be among the lucky ones, who have already found such a job vacancy, then all you have to do is write a resume. Easy to say. Be careful how this resume looks like, as it will be your presentation card in front of the employer's eyes and thus, it should reflect the whole range of qualifications, skills and qualities that you have to offer.

And not only that, but all these skills are supposed to match the position's requirements, that is the employer should understand from your CV that you are a very organized person, with very good presentation and communication skills, and that you are a Law graduate, so as to be very familiar with the legal framework that you are going to work within. To be more exact, < href="">here is how your resume should look like.

Court Clerk Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Albert Joe.
Address: 21 Downing Street, London
Marital status: Married, 2 children
Birth date:18.03.1984


My professional objective for the next years is that of working within your institution, where I will be granted the possibility to expand both my theoretical and practical knowledge, by assisting the judges into their task of enforcing the legal values equally, to all citizens.


Both enthusiastic and organized, with solid theoretical knowledge, very proficient with people, I am looking forward to getting involved in all the law suits which are going on within your court of law and to using all the skills that I have acquired in my university and work experiences.

Skills and core competencies:

  • Ambitious, perseverant
  • Good at communicating with the others
  • Extremely organized
  • Analytical, with an eye for details.
Technical skills:
  • Fluent in English, Italian and French
  • Computer literate ( Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer etcetera)
Work experience:

Court clerk, The Virginia Court of Law, Virginia, Richmond.

Duties and responsibilities:

Assist the law suits and perform all the required adminstrative tasks ( typing, preparation of witnesses etcetera).


Denver University, Law School, 2005.


  • Great results in working with people
  • Performed very well at national and international law workshops
  • Very successful in cooperating with lawyers and judges
Areas of interest:

Public Relations
Commercial and Administrative Law


Judge Jack Collins
The Virginia Court of Law
Virginia, Richmond.

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