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Dispatcher Clerk Resume

A dispatcher clerks work is done mainly on the phone and it starts with taking over the clients' orders and establishing schedules for the trips. They talk with the trip personnel, assure availability and discuss trip details. They check periodically with the staff in order to be up to date with the trip's schedule and be able to give tracking information to clients. They assure deliverability and inform the client or/and the receiver about the trip and delivery details. In case of emergencies or unexpected problems, they must make adequate decisions in order to successfully finish the trip.


The resume of a dispatcher clerks should concentrate upon some basic skills that are necessary in the job, like communicational skills, dynamism and ability to address problems under time pressure, good team spirit and focusing capacity.

Dispatcher Clerk Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Arne Kraeft
Birth date: 21.03.1979
Address and Contact Details: 908 Lincoln Drive, New York, NY 06840, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: German
Marital Status: Single
Driver's license: Yes


I have been working as a dispatch clerk for a number of years in air and ground shipment companies and accumulated extensive experience in handling daily tasks related to the job and also more problematic situations. I wish to use this experience in a more fast-paced and competitive environment, in order to develop my professional skills.


My objective is to occupy the position of dispatcher clerk in your company and work alongside with your professional team in obtaining the best shipping results, satisfying the clients and increasing profitability.


Dispatch clerk professional with experience in shipping, I'm looking for a dynamic work place which can help me improve my dispatching abilities.


  • verbal and written communicational skills,
  • capacity to focus for long periods of time,
  • attention to details,
  • multitasking,
  • capacity to transmit information with clarity and to make decisions in stressful conditions,
  • ability to establish good relations with customers,
  • working staff and shipping associates.
Computer knowledge: Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux, specialized applications

Work Experience:

Dispatcher clerk, 2000-2010
Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A

Responsibilities: in charge of assigning work to shipping crews, scheduling vehicles and trips, collaborating with the client for an effective delivery, recording trips, keeping track of delivery progress, addressing logistic problems, mechanical, technical and personnel problems in a timely manner.

Dispatcher clerk, 1990-2000 DHL, New York

Responsibilities: in charge of taking over work orders from clients, scheduling trips and communicating trip details to work crews. Addressing every problem that occurred during the transportation and ensuring a safe and effective delivery.

Education and Training:

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, New York University

Achievements: managing to successfully conduct cargo transportation with the help of the staff, satisfying the client and promoting a professional company image.

Areas of interest: business, commerce, social networking

References: Mr. Louis Therous, Logistics Department, Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A

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