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Expediting Clerk Resume

Expediting clerks are entry-level employees that have the responsibility within a production company to ensure the delivery of products, equipment and supplies between departments in order to keep the work flow efficient and profitable.


They have to collaborate with all other departments, including production, sales and marketing and shipping agents - supplies and equipment must be sent to production departments, finalized products to the sales and marketing department for evaluating and marketing analysis, and merchandise for outside deliveries to the shipping department. Except for this main responsibility, they also have to collaborate with vendors to ensure an efficient delivery of supplies, and they have to verify these products needed in the production of the company for quality irregularities and required features.

Expediting clerks also have to establish and follow schedules that match the schedules of other departments. More clerical duties are those of compiling data in reports about production progress and delivery dates, about number of products delivered and supplies received from vendors. Costs and inventory issues are a part of their program as well.

The resume of expediting clerks doesn't need to include any special qualifications. The educational background is irrelevant, but the incumbent has to posses at least a high school diploma, preferably in sciences. The training is mostly done on the job, but previous experience is definitely an advantage.

Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Jack Stew
Birth date: 01.03.1979
Address and Contact Details: 60 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9EA
Phone: (202) 948-15243
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: No


I have been working as an entry-level expediting clerk under supervision and have gained the proper skills and insight in the job in order to perform my daily tasks with accuracy and efficiency. I realize the importance of a rapid flow of products between departments that keeps the company in an efficient boost and I wish to contribute to this mechanism and to the general profitability of your company.


My primary objective is to work in a large manufacturing company that needs efficient expediting services and record keeping and that can provide better career opportunities for me in the field of supervision.

Expediting clerk with on the job training, looking for a good job opportunity.


  • Administrative skills
  • Communicational and interpersonal abilities
  • Ability to understand production processes and shipping procedures

Computer knowledge:

Window XP,
Microsoft Office Suite,
Data base applications

Work Experience:

Expediting Clerk, 2003-2007
DFG International Company, London


  • Handling deliveries of supplies to the production department
  • Contacting vendors and acquiring specific equipment
  • Ensuring the flow of the products to the sales and marketing department and to the shipping department
  • Keeping record of deliveries
  • Making emergency deliveries to the operations area
  • Checking schedule adjustments

Education and Training:
Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies, London University

Areas of interest:
business, engineering, commerce


Mr. Jack Spot,
Manager of the Human Resources Department,
DFG International Company,

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