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File Clerk Resume

Working as a file clerk means that you will have to oversee all the records for the company you work for. You will have to manage all databases, records and create new entries. You are supposed to answer all the questions that customers may ask about the company's database, files and records. You may be required to perform basic office duties such as faxing, photocopying and filing paperwork. File clerks are usually employees at large or small companies. You can find work places at schools, universities, hospitals and other medical and health care institutions. In other words, you can find work places in most of the domains. A file clerk must respect certain strict guidelines and procedures imposed by the company. You should be comfortable regarding working under supervision. You must bear in mind the fact that as a file clerk you will work alone most of the time, but this does not mean that you won't communicate with the other staff members. In order to apply for this job, you should know how to write your file clerk resume in a correct way. Here is an example for you that may help you in writing your resume.


Personal Details

Name: Alex Woodstar
Address: 13th up Stream
Boulevard, New York
Marital Status: married
Driver's License: yes
Birth date: 12.04.1980


Desire to obtain a position as a File Clerk in your company. I want to practice my knowledge and to develop my skills in this domain. Also I want to help the company develop.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking
  • Friendly personality, can easily make friends
  • Flexible and can adapt to new places and situations
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Administration and management skills
  • Knowledge of human behavior and psychology
  • Knowledge of management of human resources
  • Problem solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • Great skills in the software domain
  • Ability to work without any supervision
  • Ability to work in a team

Technical skills

  • Computer Literate, able to work with Microsoft Office, Power Point, Excel, Photoshop, Internet and Adobe
  • Ability to type in a fast way
  • Fluent in English and in Spanish
  • Beginner in German

Work Experience

Stock Clerk,
S & U Merchandisers, Tarrytown, NY 2009– 2011

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administrative tasks
  • Received merchandise and equipment
  • Signaled the damaged merchandise
  • Inspected and arranged all the items
  • Filed, typed and operated different office machines
  • Resolved customer's queries about merchandise and advised customers in the selection of the merchandise
  • Packaged customer's purchase in to boxes or cartons
  • Helped customers with the packages to their vehicles
  • Performed a regular inspection of the stock to make sure that merchandise is available and ordered fresh stock if low
  • Promoted sales by creating new promotion methods like displaying merchandise on shelves, tables in order to attract customers
  • Writing records in certain databases
  • Trained new employees

File clerk
Wall Fred attorneys and Co., Chinatown, NY 2005–2009

Duties and Qualification

  • Managed databases, records, and information of different departments and employees
  • Made new entries and answered all queries regarding organization's database records and files
  • Removed all the outdated data files and logs from database and made reports of removed or deleted files from library or database
  • Performed duties like indexing of memoranda, invoices and various other records and maintain them according to the laid down company's regulations
  • Conducted scheduled inspection of records and documents to make sure that everything is documented correctly and are in proper condition under the supervision of a supervisor or any other reporting authority
  • Added codes to documents so that it can easier to retrieve files when required


High School Diploma, New York
Bachelor's Degree, University of New York, 2005
Degree in working with computers
Language diploma in English and Spanish
Certification course in MS office and desktop work


  • Established great relationships with the staff members
  • Written accurate reports
  • Respected all the safety and health regulations

Areas of interest

  • Volunteering
  • Music
  • Internet
  • Mathematics


George Mundey
S & U Merchandisers, Tarrytown, NY
New York

Steven Francis
General Manager
Wall Fred attorneys and Co., Chinatown, NY

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