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Fixed Capital Clerk Resume

A fixed-capital clerk has the responsibility to keep records of fixed-capital accounts. S/he completes electric or gas orders to particular accounts in plant ledgers, appraises retirement costs of equipment, such as regulators, gas mains and posts retirements to other fixed-capital records files. S/he is also responsible for the balancing fixed-capital record files with specific control accounts in general ledger, for preparing journal vouchers, compiling reports of money charged, and making trial balances.


A fixed capital clerk must have at least a high school degree, while some employers seek candidates who have a college degree or a two-year associate's degree in business or accounting from a community college or a vocational school. Usually, companies provide training on-the-job when needed, and some may also pay for classes that teach their employees software skills related to their job.

If you want to follow a career as a fixed-capital clerk, you should add in your resume that you possess exceptional communication skills, knowledge of accounting and economic principles and practices, strong Microsoft Excel skills, solid knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and systems like filling and records management systems and word processing systems, in-depth knowledge of mathematical calculations and interrelationships like geometry, calculus, statistics, arithmetic and other applications.

Fixed-capital Clerk Resume Sample

Personal Details Name: Jane Jetson
Address: Rockafella Street, Bedford, Iowa, USA, 99999
Home: (555) 445 7890
Cell: (555) 555 7782


Seeking a position Fixed-capital Clerk

Summary of Qualifications

  • Over ten years of experience in the domain
  • Excellent ability to communicate in a concise and clear manner both written and verbally
  • Solid Microsoft Excel skills
  • In-depth knowledge of PeopleSoft
  • Strong knowledge of accounting and economic principles and practices, banking, reporting and analysis of financial data
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Solid knowledge of math, including operations and interrelationships like algebra, geometry, arithmetic, statistics and their applications
  • Reliable and dependable employee
  • Ready for immediate hire
Professional Experience

Star Retail Company, Bedford, Iowa, USA
Fixed Capital Clerk, 2000 . Present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Posted completed electric and gas work order to specific accounts in plant ledgers
  • Kept records of fixed-capital accounts
  • Appraised retirement values of equipment, like regulators, meters, gas mains and transformers
  • Posted retirements to fixed-capital record files
  • Prepared journal vouchers, compiled reports of money charged, made trial balances
  • Balanced fixed-capital record files with respective control accounts
  • Ensured that all the accounts payable invoices were coded
  • Ensured that all the employee expense claims were coded in accordance with the budget, approved and processed in an accurate and timely method
  • Maintained fixed assets ledger and updated it appropriately
  • Examined, resolved and made sure that vendor inquiries and invoices that were not processed by the end of the month are accrued for

High School Diploma, 1995
New York Community High School, Bedford, Iowa, USA
BS in Statistics, Statistics and ActurialActuarial Science, University of Iowa, 1999

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