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Foreign Clerk Resume

Foreign clerk resume has to be written in a way that will highlight your credentials with respect to the foreign currency, deals and merchandise and report back to the manager. Your experience as a clerk in any field will also work in your favor. Therefore, include all the work experience and mention the least suitable in the last. A foreign clerk is in charge of computing the duties, weight, tariffs, and volume and price conversions regarding the products that are being exported or imported from other countries. He or she might also have to examine the documents, like invoices, shipping statements, and bills of landing, with the purpose of verifying the conversion of the weights of the merchandise or the volume of the merchandise. The foreign clerk also has to convert the foreign currency figures into the monetary equivalents used in the United States. It is also the duty of the foreign clerk to calculate the tariffs and payments regarding the merchandise. For a better understanding of this job description, a sample resume has been included in the following article.


Sample Foreign Clerk Resume

Personal Details:

Name: Samantha Smith
Address: South Avenue 23
Poppy Building IL 8999 899898
Birth date: 01/06/1973
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes

Career Objective:

Seeking the job of foreign clerk at your company where I can prove the experience and skills that I have in this field. It is also my objective to make some advancement in my career in the future.

Skills and Competences:

  • Math skills
  • Financial skills
  • Highly talented and experienced foreign clerk
  • Ability to develop good working relationships
  • Ability to use the calculating machines
  • Analytic thinking
  • Ready for immediate employment
  • In-depth knowledge regarding the field of foreign commerce
  • Knowledge of foreign language: Latin and French

Work Experience:

Foreign Clerk, 2005 –Present
Smith Manufacturing, Inc., New York, USA

Job Duties

  • Calculating the tariffs, duties, volume, weight and price conversions regarding the products that have been imported or exported
  • Examining the appropriate documents that include bills of landing, invoices, and shipping statements in order to make sure that the correct
  • conversion has been used regarding the currency system used by the other country
  • Making logs and records of various invoices and important documents
  • Making records regarding costs of goods, services and shipment of goods
  • Performing bookkeeping job and posting data
  • Making and printing billing documents, credit memorandums and forms using computer
  • Performing update of manuals when rules and regulations are amended
  • Conducting meetings with foreign companies for purchase and shipments of good and calculated duties and payment of tariff
  • Reviewing financial documents calculate fees and due charges

Assistant Foreign Clerk, 2001 –2005
Judson Furniture Manufacturing, Inc., New York, USA

Job Duties

  • Working together with the clerk, corresponding with the foreign companies so as to establish the purchase conditions and the shipment of the products
  • Calculating the tariffs that need to be paid
  • Performing office duties if needed
  • Performing tasks as they have been assigned
  • Making reports on labor, production, storage and equipments and sending them to reporting manager
  • Providing information about rates, routing and procedures over telephone or from mail


  • High school diploma in foreign trade, New York High school, New York
  • Graduation in foreign trade, University of New York, New York
  • Certification in advanced French
  • Certification in Advanced Latin


Improving the financial performances of the stand
American association of office workers
American association of foreign clerks

Areas of Interest

  • Foreign commerce
  • Financial processes
  • E commerce
  • Internet
  • Driving
  • Reading
  • Adventure sports


Claire Samson
General Manager
Judson Furniture Manufacturing, Inc., New York, USA

Clive Smith
General Manager
Smith Manufacturing, Inc., New York, USA

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