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Information Clerk Resume

This article will provide the reader with the duties and responsibilities that need to be performed by an Information Clerk and will present a sample resume in order to clarify the matter even further.


An information clerk is a very important employee of a company or institution, because he or she is the first person that represents the company's image to clients, visitors and the general public scene. In some cases known as receptionists and in others as customer services assistants, their main responsibility is that of being available for the client and prepared to answer any questions about the company and the company's activity. They give information about locations of different offices, departments and employees, about the products and services that the company offers and how they can be purchased, loaned or returned.

Information clerks also transmit the necessary information to different departments, officials or employees and direct answers. They may call employees or company officials to the information desk for clients that need more complex answers. The flux of information that an information clerk has to handle also comes via e-mail, telephone or fax, or physical correspondence. They have to redirect these inquires to specific departments and employees and take over the outgoing correspondence as well. The information management also consists in filing, organizing paperwork and distributing documents.

The resume of an information clerk doesn't need to include special education and training for the job, although this would definitely be an advantage, but necessary skills required for any clerical job. A pleasant physical appearance and a professional attitude are also important.

Information Clerk Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: William Core
Birth date: 08.08.1977
Address and Contact Details: 1000 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC 20585, (203) 543-87758
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver's license: Yes


I wish to work as an information clerk at your company and use my skills and abilities in providing the best client services and making the information flow within the company active and clear. I wish to contribute to the general image of the business with a professional attitude.


I am an information clerk with experience, applying for a similar position in your company, looking for solid career opportunities.


  • clerical and secretarial skills,
  • communicational skills,
  • interpersonal abilities,
  • pleasant appearance,
  • verbal and written abilities,
  • organized and dynamic

Computer knowledge:

  • strong computer literacy,
  • proficiency in all the operating systems,
  • ability to work with networking devices and telecommunications systems

Work Experience:

Information Clerk, 1999-present
ABS Solutions Company, Washington


  • answering phones and directing faxes, e-mails and letters,
  • answering to clients' requests and complaints,
  • assisting clients in obtaining necessary product and service information,
  • directing clients and public persons to departments, offices, official and employees,
  • assisting employees in communicating with business associates and clients.

Education and Training:

Master's in Business Administration, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Economical Sciences, Washington University


As an information clerk, I have provided serious professional services both to clients and to the company and I have obtained performance recognition from my employers

Areas of interest:

  • business,
  • administration


available upon request.

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