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Laundry Pricing Clerk Resume

In the dry cleaning shop, there is the attendant or the clerk who takes in the items to be cleaned from the clients and charges them, and who processes the payment. This is not a sales position per se, but it is very similar to one. For starters, the clerk will come in contact with many people every day and has to "sell" a needed service, without doing the promotion. Basic client service skills are needed for the job, but no previous experience because the training is usually done on the job. For this position, a regular one or two page laundry pricing clerk resume is more than enough, but it must contain vital information like the one below. You can even tailor the one below to suit your needs, but write only information belonging to you. For the best results, it is always a good idea to write a strong objective, like in the example. For the entry- level candidate, references can be brought from a teacher.


Sample Laundry Pricing Clerk Resume

Contact Details

Name: Samantha Jones
Address: 120 W Walnut St, Bloomington City, IN 47404
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: (812) 330 9801
Citizenship: US Citizen


Seeking the position of a laundry- pricing clerk, in this laundry shop


  • Very good math skills
  • Good communication skills, both with clients and coworkers
  • Experienced laundry pricing clerk
  • Detail oriented
  • Experience of 4 years in this domain
  • Customer service abilities
  • Pricing skills
  • Very organized person
  • Able to multi-task
  • Very good near eyesight
  • Very good visual memory
  • Good computer skills (databases, spreadsheets, word documents, email, Internet, and others)


Available for immediate hiring, experienced laundry pricing clerk, with proven customer service abilities and pricing skills. I believe these are my key attributes to qualify me for this job, and I am willing to put my skills to good use so that we would have a nice collaboration.

Work Experience

Laundry Pricing Clerk Resume, Daily Clean Clothes,
Bloomington City, IN.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Priced each item brought in by the client
  • Calculated the total sum of money to be paid, using accurate calculating machines, and the right operations
  • Providing information about rental fees, procedures and policies to the customers
  • Answering telephone calls and solving queries and taking orders
  • Answering queries about rental items like availability and description
  • Kept records of the items brought for dry cleaning, as well as specific needs of the items
  • Inspected the clothes for spots and stains, as well as for any items forgot in the pockets
  • Prepared the statements to be send to the clients
  • Processed the payment for the service
  • Informed the clients on the prices, offered services, duration of the cleaning process
  • Answered any other inquiry coming from the clients
  • Keeping inventory of laundry articles
  • Tailoring rental items according to customers' needs and requirement
  • Made statements to be mailed to the customer
  • Gave a dry cleaning check for the items, so that the clients would be able to pick up the laundry

Front Desk Clerk
Sunshine Motel, Wisconsin

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Made reservation for guests
  • Helped guests check in and out
  • Provided information regarding directions and various other travel related information
  • Making monthly reports of revenue
  • Making monthly expenditure budget and sending them to reporting manager
  • Hiring and training of motel staff
  • Performing general maintenance activities
  • Ability to use equipment and materials required to perform a task

High School Diploma, Bloomington High, Bloomington City, IN
Training on the job, Daily Clean Clothes, Bloomington City, IN


Mrs. Jennifer Summers,
Dry cleaning shop manager,
Daily Clean Clothes,
Bloomington City, IN.

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