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New Accounts Clerk Resume

What does a new accounts clerk do exactly? Well, he is the one responsible for the accounts which are being opened and this responsibility is sub-divided into a various of small tasks like assisting clients when opening the account and giving them all the necessary information, taking care of the necessary paperwork and entering all the relevant data into a computerized database.


In order to do all this properly, the new accounts clerk needs to be a very patient and organized person, with great communication skills, with excellent presentation abilities and computer proficiency. If you think that you might have all these qualities, then maybe you would be a very good accounts clerk. All you have to do is write a convincing resume, and here is how you should do it.

New Accounts Clerk Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Jude Ashford
Address: 3645, Palmview Street,
Algoma, Wisconsin
Birth date: 1.01.1982
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married,
Driver's license: Yes

Job Objective:

Looking for the post of a new accounts clerk in a reputed and trustworthy bank where I could make use of my knowledge and my previous experience in order to establish and sustain healthy relationshp with the clients which would turn them from passive people into proactive ones

Qualities and Skills:

  • Dedication towards work
  • Utmost patience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Keenness to details
  • High level proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications
  • Fluency in English, German and French
Work experience:

Currency clerk, Millennium Bank, New York, 1998-2010

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Permanently kept track of the exchange rates
  • Exchanged money
  • Prepared computer records of the daily transactions and compiling the components to get the detailed database
  • Forwarded the details of the required transactions to the bank manager
  • Shouldered many additional responsibilities as and when required

The Superior Finances High School, New York, 1994-1998


Great results in communicating and working with people

Areas of interest:



Mrs. Esmeralda Jones
Millennium Bank, New York,
Chief of Staff

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