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Procurement Clerk Resume

What are the duties of a procurement clerk? He has to ensure the delivery of materials, components and products in the required quantities, quality and the requested variety, in due time; he has to solve other departments' orders regarding the required goods; to study the requests, to select suppliers based on the requests, price offers, transportation ways, offered services and other terms of sale; to prepare contracts, verify invoices, request replacement products during the warranty period; to control the fulfillment of conditions stipulated in the contracts; to keep track of the orders and contracts; to track problems with suppliers (such as late delivery, poor quality products, etc..); to maintain a low cost of materials, transportation and warehousing; to keep records of purchased goods, inventoried them; to cooperate with the suppliers, to replenish stocks according to the demand; to cooperate with the accounting department; to determine cash flow.


Based on the given job description, anyone can now have an idea about what a procurement clerk does. If you are interested in performing such duties, this means that you posses the requirement skills. It is a job where one has to have knowledge about administrative and clerical procedures as for example managing files and records. Include in your resume the abilities and skills that you will use in your activity as a procurement clerk, because this is what the employers are looking for.

Procurement Clerk Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Daniel Franks
Birth date: 18.03.1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The procurement clerk is that person who sends orders to suppliers and ensures the needed items into a company. He will deal with all the problems related to the arrival of goods. He will keep the inventory, verify the invoices and also perform any other activity meant to ensure all the necessary materials and goods for the institution.


To occupy a procurement clerk position and to take care of my responsibilities with diligence and attention


Hard working and trustful employee, with experience in performing activities associated with the purchase and delivery of goods for the company, I aim for a job as a procurement clerk for which I find myself suitable.


  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good understanding of written reports
  • Management skills
  • Computer skills
  • Responsible and hard working
  • Math skills
  • Self motivated
Work Experience

Procurement Clerk,
IMN World Corporation, San Jose, 2003-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Preparing purchase orders
  • Analyzing price offers
  • Calculating the orders' cost
  • Contacting suppliers and arranging all the delivery details
  • Keeping records of purchased goods
  • Receiving specifications
  • Making the inventory
  • Requesting replacement products during the warranty period
  • Writing contracts

A.A., in Business, San Jose University, San Jose, 2003


Accomplishing all the tasks assigned with success
Solving all the problems related to purchasing goods for the institution

Areas of interest



Johnnie Bork
IMN World Corporation, San Jose

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