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Production Expediting Clerk Resume

Production expediting clerk resume basically focuses on the work experience and the job responsibilities of the expediting clerk. A production expediting clerk is responsible for collecting and compiling the information and finally submitting it to the manager. Other responsibilities of a production expediting clerk includes:


  • Keep a record of the production activities such as daily volumes, raw input consumption, worker turnover and training accomplishments
  • Keeps a check on the productivity of the company and ensures that the work is completed in the given time frame
  • Examine the documents related to sales and purchase of the goods
  • Reviews the documents such as work orders, staffing tables, production schedules, and material priorities

There are certain criteria for applying for the position of production expediting clerk, as they must have high school diploma degree. They must be able to detect inconsistencies and errors in production reports, and must have good knowledge of computer so that they can use the production control systems and standard office tools. While drafting the production expediting clerk resume, make sure that the entries are correct and to the best of your knowledge. Spotlight on some of the essential features of your resume such as experience details, job responsibilities, and educational qualifications. Do remember to include your contact details (email address and telephone number), so that the recruiter may make contact with you for further details. Now let us have a look at the resume for the position of production expediting clerk, as it may give you clear idea of how to draft your own resume.

Production Expediting Clerk Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: David Graham
Address: 120 Avenue, New York, USA, 4444
Home: (333) 457 5975
Birth date: 1/ 6/1973
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes
Date: November 10, 2011

Career Objective

Seeking a position in the field of production as a production expediting clerk in any of the reputed organization and want to build a long-term career in this field. I have more than 6 years of experience in this domain.

Skill set and Professional qualities

  • Provides training to the newly joined expediting clerk
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good knowledge of computer including MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel and Outlook)
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and come out with positive results
  • Remarkable ability to identify the nature of problems
  • In-depth knowledge to determine if there is any changes that need to be made during the production process
  • Exceptional ability to manage materials and resources
  • Exceptional expedition skills and ability to compile reports
  • Sound knowledge of the tools and equipments needed for the production process


Production Expediting Clerk
Hanson Manufacturing Company
Duties and Responsibilities

  • In charge of the assembling the raw materials required for the production
  • Calculated the cost of the materials, wages and manufacturing costs, and the other costs related to production activities
  • Compiled and prepared report related to transportation, production sequences, purchase, repair order, and personnel schedules
  • Discuss with the supervisor to make the production more effective and error free
  • Kept a keen watch on the production activities to assess the progress
  • Kept a check on the stock to ensure that there is sufficient raw materials present for the production
  • Maintained a database for materials inventories, production rates, and customer information

Educational Qualifications

Masters in Business Management from New York University, NY, USA 2003
Bachelor's Degree in Production Engineering from New York University, NY, USA 2001

Area of interest

  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Swimming
  • Adventure Sports


Name: Mr. John Watson
Designation: Senior Production Manager
Hanson Manufacturing Company
Phone No: 9789 299 2256

Name: Desman Hanes
Production Manager
Hanson Manufacturing Company
Phone No: 567 998 1212
E-mail id:

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