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Chief Telephone Operator Resume

This job is still used though, for the information hot lines or in some companies in which departments need to connect with each other. The phone operator should have some experience in sales if possible, and should speak in a pleasant way. Most people first receive part time offers as phone operators, but if you are doing a good job, you will be promoted to a full time position.


Experience is not always required but it is beneficial. If the person does not have experience, they will take training on the job - most people that get hired as phone operators get this training. Of course, for a leader position such as chief phone operator, training is not required anymore as the person already has enough experience in the field.

The phone operators still have some tasks to accomplish, and various duties and responsibilities. Right now we will see an example for a chief phone operator. If someone wants to get hired for this job, they need to have some knowledge about how they should write their resume, and this example does just that. It is only a basic template, so customize it in any way you like before sending in your application.

Chief Telephone Operator Resume Sample


name: Anna Johnson
birth date: 07.07.1975
driver's license: yes
address: Rue Lane 54, Missouri
phone number: xxx-xxxx
email address:


I want to find a job as a chief phone operator. I know my services will be beneficial to your company, as I am customer oriented and organized. My goal is to find a stable place of work in a friendly environment, where I can lead a team of people. I would like a full time job, as it fits my previous work experience.


  • very high resistance to stress;
  • calm person, does not get angry fast;
  • ability to work in a fast paced environment;
  • knowledge in working with the multi-line phone;
  • computer knowledge;
  • great abilities to multitask;
  • leadership abilities, is able to manage well even a larger group of people;
  • nice, warm voice tone.

Part-time Phone Operator, name of company, city, 20xx-20xx

  • answered the phone in a polite and friendly manner ;
  • connected the company's departments ;
  • connected the clients to their requested department ;
  • offered information on the required subjects
Sales Assistant, name of company, city, 20xx-20xx
  • assisted customers in their purchases ;
  • offered detailed info on any products if requested ;
  • arranged the products on shelves, by type and category ;
  • cleaned the store and kept it organized ;
  • cashed in the money and did some administrative work ;
  • handled and calculated the daily, monthly budget and profits

High school graduate, name of the school, 20xx-20xx I have also attended speech courses in communication techniques


Ms. Joey Latt, name of company

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