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Communications Equipment Mechanic Resume

The job duties of a Communications Equipment Mechanic include numerous things, such as climbing poles and ladders and constructing pole and roof mounts and reinforcements. In some cases, he or she has to mix concrete to make the installation of the equipment possible. It is also the job of the Communications Equipment Mechanic to plan the layout and the installation of the data communications equipment. Another thing that the Communications Equipment Mechanic has to do is to review the work orders, the instructions of the manufacturers and the building permits in order to change, move, repair, install or to remove the communication equipment.


If you feel like this job is for you then you should include in your resume the objectives that you have and also the prior work experience that you have in a similar field of work.

Communications Equipment Mechanic Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name: Bob Maine
Birth Date: 16 September 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To become a good Communications Equipment Mechanic, there is need for solid knowledge regarding the technology used in this field and the practices that are used. It might also be useful for the Communications Equipment Mechanic to have analytic thinking and the ability to develop good working relationships with the co-workers and the clients.


To seek the job of Communications Equipment Mechanic in your company. Regarding the work, it is my objective to improve the performance of the company through eliminating the useless processes and this way saving time, and speeding up the work done at the company.


Highly skilled and talented Communications Equipment Mechanic looking for immediate employment, with sound knowledge regarding the technology of communications and knowledge regarding the processes used in the field

Skills and Competences

  • Good communication skills
  • Sound knowledge regarding the technology used in the field of communications
  • Knowledge regarding the safety measures in this field
  • Accuracy and efficiency at the job
Work Experience

Communications Equipment Mechanic, 2009 to present
Fairfield Telecommunications Systems, Inc., Big City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Installing, repairing and maintaining different kinds of sophisticated equipment regarding the field of telecommunications, such as special kinds of fiber, repairing cables, programming switches and adjusting the already working systems
  • Creating and maintaining the reports regarding the activities and work done
Communications Equipment Mechanic, 2006-2009
Hawthorne Computer Company, Major Town, USA

Job Duties:

  • Being responsible for dispensing and overseeing every employee handling the repairs according to the specifications and the needs of the clients
  • Keeping records of the performances of the employees and their development
  • Maintaining the records of the jobs and activities performed by the employees of the department

B.A. in Telecommunications Mechanics
Any City Community College, Any City, USA


Offering high quality trainings to the new employees of the company

Areas of Interest

Technology of telecommunications
Mechanical skills


Mary Mayor
General Manager
Fairfield Telecommunications Systems, Inc., Big City, USA

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