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Conciliator Resume

The conciliator tries to facilitate communication between parties and shows them different perspectives and guides them toward mutual agreement using mediation techniques. Other responsibilities include authorizing payment of valid claims, determining amount of liability according to proof, laws, and judicial precedents. A conciliator is in charge of notifying claimants about denied claims, and preparing written perspectives and decisions regarding specific cases. S/he also has the duty to analyze evidence, arrange hearings, conduct initial meeting with disputants, interview witnesses and claimants, and participate in court proceedings, and advice acceptance or rejection of particular settlement offers. Generally, conciliators perform activities like getting information, making decisions and solving problems, evaluating information to determine compliance with standards, interpreting the meaning of information for others, communicating with people outside the organization as well as with supervisors, colleagues or subordinates, identifying actions, object and events, resolving conflicts and negotiating with others, analyzing information or data and processing information.


A resume for the position of a conciliator must present information clearly, quickly and in way that proves your experience is relevant to the job position. Besides your professional experience, you should mention your knowledge in law and government, English and administration and management. Also, you should add skills such as, active listening, judgment and decision making, critical thinking, reading comprehension, writing, speaking, complex problem solving, negotiation, active learning, social perceptiveness. As for abilities you should add written comprehension, oral comprehension, oral expression, memorization, speech clarity, inducting reasoning, deductive reasoning, near vision and information ordering.

Conciliator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Michael Kent
Address: 123 Main Street, Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: (555) 555 2345


The position of a Conciliator

Summary of Qualifications

  • Knowledge of law, legal codes, court procedures, government regulation, executive order, agency rules
  • Knowledge of the English language including structure and content, grammar, spelling words and rules of composition
  • Knowledge of business and management principles, strategic planning, human resources modeling, resource allocation, leadership technique, coordination of people, production methods
  • Oral and written expression
  • Written and oral comprehension
  • Inductive and deductive reasoning
  • Speech clarity
  • Memorization
Professional Experience

Conciliator, 2002-Present
Sutor Conciliation Service, Inc., USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitated the resolution of disputes between parties
  • Managed phone call between parties
  • Provided relevant information
  • Recommended options and suggested methods to resolve problems
Assistant to Conciliator, 2000-2002
Sutor Conciliation Service, Inc., SUA

Duties and Responsibilities

Assisted conciliator and manager with promotion, customer functions, publicity, and personnel meetings.


  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Reading comprehension
  • Proficient speaking and writing
  • Active learner
  • Complex problem solver
  • Negotiation
  • Social perceptiveness

Atlanta Law School, 1998, Atlanta, USA

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